St. Dennis Murder Trial Out of Havre

by jhwygirl

…you know – one of the two that murdered Forrest Clayton Salcido?

I just want to say that Missoulians are getting some great coverage of a trial I’d just as well wish never had a reason to happen. Both the Missoulian and NBC local televison KECI have sent reporters to Havre for the trial which was moved because of overwhelming news coverage of Salcido’s murder in early December 2007.

Tristan Scott and Tim Akimoff from the Missoulian are there (Tristan being the court reporter, Tim doing video). There have been close to if not more than a dozen stories out of Havre since the trial began on Monday.

They’re both also Twittering. Or Tweeting…whatever the kids are calling it these days. tristanscott and timakimoff if ya’all are tweeting. Me? I’m still trying to figure out what it’ll come in handy for, but I have to admit it does seem nifty.

Because there are so many stories – but this would be good stuff regardless – I wish the Missoulian had a list of all related stories at the end of the web versions. The Montana Standard does it, and I think its great. Keeps me reading

KECI, I know, has a reporter and camera person there too (at least). I caught the coverage on Monday and Tuesday, but missed last night’s edition. Being horrible with names, I’m pretty sure it is the eager Jackie Bartz.

So good stuff for us Missoulians from the Missoulian and KECI. I know I’m watching and reading.

As an aside – I hate that the focus of coverage – and even look at my headline there – is on the criminal rather than the victim. I understand why a real news source can’t put up a headline like “Salcido’s Murderers on Trial,” which is actually what I wanted to put up. Once the criminal element becomes known in any crime, the coverage focus shifts from victim to criminal. I don’t know whether, ultimately, that is right or wrong. It’s something I notice and think about, though.

  1. Tristan Scott

    Thanks for the praise, jhwygirl. Tim and Jackie headed back to Missoula, so it’s just little old me covering the rest of this trial. I wanted to let you know that I’m also blogging from the courtroom. Check it out at:

  2. klemz

    I still can’t believe they moved the trial. I’m not going to Havre with all the conformists.

    Tristan, I’m going to drop the environmental stuff and focus on courts. When you get back, it’ll be like that episode of DuckTales where Scrooge comes back to Duckburg and finds Flintheart Glomgold has taken all his wealth. You can work in the bubblegum factory that I only own to flood the streets and stop the minotaur who’s after the magical harp I stole from the ruins of ancient Troy.

    So take that.

    (good coverage).

  3. Tristan Scott

    You’ll still only be the second-richest duck.
    (Thanks. Nice piece on Grace).

  4. Freeranger

    Off topic, but 3.0 earthquake right around Evaro at 6:30pm.

    Check it out.

  5. JC

    The jury found St. Dennis guilty of deliberate homicide today.

  6. Tim Akimoff

    Thanks jhwygirl. I’m proud of those who made the decision to send journalists to Havre to cover this trial. It may not have been as sensational as some trials, but the Missoula community needed to stay involved in the story as it developed. I feel privileged to have been there this week, and I thought Tristan’s ability to cover the trial, update his blog, tweet and shoot his own video after I left show what a great asset he is to the Missoulian and to this community.

  7. Oh, no, Tim. That trial, for Missoulians at least, was well worthy of the coverage. The factor of who it was was also something, frankly, that probably deserves more attention on a daily basis. Often these crimes are silent…faceless.

    Video added much to that coverage. Tristan, obviously, worked his you-know-what off, as you note. I do believe that if that is the face of newspaper coverage to come, then the Missouliian will do wonderfully.

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