Legislative Session Roundup (Report I)

by jhwygirl

Thought I’d look back on some of the bills I’ve posted on. This post goes through week 2.

Rep. Robin Hamilton’s HB62, which requires mandatory trappers education and safety courses has passed the three readings in the House (with a 51-48 final vote). It moves to the Senate.

Rep. JP Pomnichowski’s HB63, which provides for authority to revoke fur bearer licenses when there are violations in law went through second reading, and apparently there were some procedural questions. It’s been sent back to the House Fish and Wildlife Committee. The second reading vote was 50-49 – it was a 12-6 vote in committee. If you support this bill, now is the time to contact your legislator and let him know. Go to Project Vote Smart to figure out who your state house representative is, and then head to this page for contact information.

Rep. Arlene Becker’s HB151 which revises breast reconstruction mandates to comply with federal law has easily passed 3 readings in the House. It moves to the Senate, and looks like it should have no problem. Wondering who voted against it? Check out the 7 house representatives that voted against this, including Ray Hawk of Florence, Bob Lake, of Hamilton, Scott Sales of Bozeman, Joel Boniek, of Livingston, Scott Mendenhall of Clancy, Dave Kasten of Brockway, and Keith Regier of Kalispell.

Senator Ron Erickson’s SB9, which would authorize funding of transportation systems with revenue bonds has been tabled. This one is in the Senate Local Government committee. I had hoped that this had bi-partisan support, so I’m a bit surprised. Leanne Heisel is the staffer for the Local Government committee, and you can email her your public comment at lheisel@mt.gov.

Rep. Franke Wilmer’s HB30 has yet to be updated – perhaps its hearing has been postponed? It’s currently nontabled. This one allowed for youth election judges of ages 16-18.

Rep. Walter McNutt’s HB52 apparently sits in the same fate of Rep. Wilmer’s bill, above.

SB93 and SB94, both proposed by Senator Larry Jent, and both important bills concerning water also sit in committee. Nontabled.

Being tabled is worse. Head to this post for contact information on both of those.

Jill Cohenour’s HB39, which would establish a water rights enforcement program, associated appropriations and provides for consideration and protection of senior water rights holders in enforcement actions has survived 3 readings in the House, with overwhelming support. Awesome. This one moves to the Senate.

Cohenour’s HB40 is having scheduling problems, but SB41 done extremely well in its second reading, garnering a 91-8 vote. HB41 requires discharge permits to be obtained for recharge or mitigation plans in closed basins. Another good deal, moving forward.

But who are the 8 in that teeny tiny minority of that 2nd reading vote on SB41? Ray Hawk of Florence, Ron Stoker of Darby, Bob Lake, of Hamilton, Scott Sales of Bozeman, Bob Wagner of Harrison, Krayton Kerns of Laurel, Scott Mendenhall of Clancy. Bill Glaser of Huntley’s vote is recorded as “A” (for absent.) If you live in these guy’s areas, folks, you might want to send ’em an email, let them know your watching this vote on water quality. Contact info is in the links for their names.

Scott Sales? He represents a closed basin area. Same with Bob Lake, Ron Stoker and Ray Hawk – where the Bitterroot has one or two closed sub-basins. sheesh.

Rep. Deborah Kottel’s HB188, which increases penalty for unlawful withholding of security deposits has survived committee nicely, 14-4 – and heads to its second reading in the House. HB189, which revises tenant-landlord laws and also requires a landlord to provide heat, is having scheduling difficulties. You might check out this previous post for contact information – let the House Business & Labor Committee know that it is important to keep this one moving. The legislative session is only 90 days, don’t ya’ know?

Rep. Mike Miller’s HB202, which would allow a tax credit for long-term healthcare insurance, is having scheduling problems.

Rep. Robin Hamilton’s HB195, which would revise the lottery system for liquor licenses, giving previously unsuccessful lottery participants preference, is sitting in committee, nontabled.

Julie French’s HB29, which would increase funding for senior and disabled transportation sits in committee, also, nontabled.

Senator Wanzenried’s SJ9 requests a study – a study, folks – of the state’s student loan system. Wanzenried has sponsored this bill out of concerns with availability of guaranteed student loan funds for Montana’s students due to failures in the U.S. financial systems. It too, sits in committee. Nontabled.

For contact information on the 4 bills above that are sitting in committee, go back to this post.

Thank you for reading. Go out and make a difference in your state and your world today, people. Write a letter, send an email, or call or legislator. Let ’em know what you want.

  1. Media junkie

    4and20s legislative coverage is simplly unmatched.

    Few newspapers, much less a community politics blog, can have their own staff on the floor of the legislature, and you guys have Michelle Reinhart-aka jhwygirl-a real live legislator blogging!

    Nobody beats this coverage.


  2. LOL. Please don’t insult Michele like that. She is far more articulate, to say the least, than me.

  3. makes a bear tired just watching j-girl work around here…trully unbelievable effort on the legislative front…

  4. petetalbot

    Michele Reinhart is jhwygirl!?! I’m in total shock. Just last month I was talking to jhwygirl on the phone while watching Michele working on her laptop with no phone in sight. Truly an amazing feat.

  5. it’s all done with mirrors…..she’s really quite clever.

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