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by problembear

and by bad behavior i mean the greed of landlords holding security deposits from honest renters who leave their places clean and in good shape….this needs to stop. we should fine the b-jeezus out of ‘ the greedy bastards. let’s hope the montana legislature passes HB 188 which just passed the third reading in the house 71-28. this is just the beginning…

how about…

 health insurers who try to wear down their clients by denying coverage they are eligible for simply because it is more profitable and they know that a certain percentage of folks will simply give up from the relentless evil manipulation of our valuable time spent on endless call waiting queues..this needs to stop. i suggest rescinding the law which protects HMO’s from lawsuits by their clients.

telephone companies, internet service providers, and satellite companies who overcharge us and hope we don’t notice should be subject to fines of triple the size of the original bill in question….

payday loan businesses who rip off montanans at 650% interest…either close them down or regulate their obscene profits to more reasonable levels…

we need to send a message that america is tired of being fleeced by quick buck artists. we expect companies to conduct themselves with good old fashioned integrity and good ethical business practices. this is your official notice that the scam artist model of business that was encouraged and rewarded under bush’s regime has stopped being acceptable in america as of Jan 20, 2009. the ground has indeed shifted. pay attention CEO’s, Health insurance managers, loan sharks  and unethical landlords…

as  for the irrelevant gnats and mosquitos who spread venom on the change taking place in america- bring it on because you look ridiculous, mean-spirited and sadly pathetic. americans are through with the failed greed-first, trickle down mentality of the far right. all you do is paint yourselves further into corners of your own malicious and jealous venal vituperation. everything you do or say to try to stop the change sweeping accross this nation will only build further resentment for your efforts.

now is a good time for some serious quiet time and a long nap for spoiled little two year olds who fail to see that americans have spoken and it is now time to work together to rebuild this country. any more temper tantrums out of the overly spoiled extreme far right and the greedy people and companies they support will be met with punishment.  there’s a new sheriff in town now folks and he does intend to reward good behavior and punish bad…and the majority of americans intend to help him do just that.

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread.

Dave Crisp of the Billings Blog started the week off right (LOL) with a post regarding the perplexedly contradictory Professor Natelson of Electric City Weblog.

Then Matt at Left in the West ponders even more the lunacy libertarianism of Professor Natelson’s wish for private school education for the masses.

It’s all very funny, actually.

Pogie knocked out 4 posts this week on education, kicking it off with Education Week: Open Thread to Discuss Schools.

But my favorite was Pogie’s take on Gary Marbut’s classless judgement to use the sniper shooting tragedy in Glasgow this past week to try and further his guns-for-everyone agenda. It’s kinda funny – every single person that commented called him an ass.


Now, Moorcat stopped by earlier this week. For those of you who don’t this famous blogger, he is the former (?) author of Pragmatic Revolt. He’s been targeted for arrest by elected officials in Dillon, his writing is so fierce….and he is the brother of Wulfgar!. A while back – quite a while back – he fell off the pages. And when he stopped by recently and signed his comment “Montana Bullets and Blades” without leaving a link, I have to admit I did a google looking for what it meant and could find nothing. Well, Doug at The Montana Misanthrope was a better detective than I, and now Montana Bullets and Blades has been revealed to me and our readers of 4&20.

Echoing Doug’s words: Welcome back, friend!

Speaking of Wulfgar!

The real tell-em-like-it-is Professor of Reality brought us a number of wonderful in-your-face pieces this week. My favorite were his lamentations on the demise of the right-wing male. Part 1 and Part 2.

Meanwhile, elsewhere…..Wyoming is getting one of four new BLM offices specializing in “renewables”, meaning biomass, wind, solar and geothermal energy resources. The other 3 are located in Arizona, Nevada and California.

The Missoula Independent’s Skylar Browning did a piece on Roy Houseman, president of steelworkers union Local 885 and employee at Smurfit Stone. He’s 27, and fighting the good fight. Uphill.

We, as a community, as a state, should be asking this man what we can do for him. For them. Because the higher ups in Smurfit-Stone sure don’t seem to be giving a shit.

Last week I mentioned the Bush Administration losing a big one. Well, the lost another big one on their way out the door.

The Obama Administration, among the already long list of things it’s done since Tuesday, has restored a true working Freedom of Information Act.

The Atlantic Monthly looks at the fate of newspapers and the future of journalism.

Blagojevich’s lawyer quits.

The President gets a Barackberry – in case you missed it.

As if you could…

The journal Science looks at the massive mortality of conifer stands in the west.

Over at High Country News, executive director of the Wild West Institute and occasional 4&20 commenter Matt Koehler writes that Fire and Ancient Forests Belong Together.

Finally? Good news for those of you with money. The FEC just increased your campaign contribution limits.

Well, it’s been a long week for me – and hopefully a longer weekend. I’m gonna take some time to enjoy it. I hope you do too.


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