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by jhwygirl

You remember? The one that student project coordinator Christina came by to defend? Don’t miss the comments on that one….

There’s also this post and this post – that last one, too, with lots of comments.

Or, you could check out Binky’s post at Bunk the West.

The thing is – if DECA or its teacher/advisor Mark Hartman really wanted to teach these kids a lesson of how it happens in the real world – how business leaders really have to do business, Mr. Hartman and friends would submit themselves to the real world review process like any other (instead of hiding behind state law) and see how it flies.

I mean – their going through this forum without having to meet any of the criteria of the real world variance standards. Namely – as goof pointed out – a hardship.

There’s no lesson being learned here. No business lesson, no leadership lesson, no civics lesson. Unless it’s that of an AIG banker.

Yeah – maybe that’s it. How to behave badly and get a bailout!

Shame on them. Really. This isn’t good leadership – by Hartman or those students – not good leadership by the school district or the school board – and not good citizenship and community on any of those people’s part.

Meeting is 7 p.m., at City Hall.

by jhwygirl

On Thursday, January 29, the House Fish, Wildlife & Parks committee will hear HB253, the Wild Buffalo Recovery and Conservation Act, propose by Rep. Mike Phillips and Rep. Ted Washburn, both of Bozeman.

The House FWP committee meets at 3 p.m.

HB253 is a bipartisan bill which would essentially transfer management of bison from the Department of Livestock, where their method of slaughter-slaughter-slaughter has been both an embarrassment and a colosal failure, to Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and into the hands of wildlife professionals.

I have blogged about brucellosis and the horrible failings of the Department of Livestock (‘encouraged’ by the Montana Stockgrower’s Association) many times. Montana has lost its brucellosis-free status under the tutelage of the misguided management of bison by the DOI. It took two cases of brucellosis in the space of 2 years for Montana to lose its brucellosis-free status. Both cases of brucellosis were the result of transmission by elk to domesticated cattle.

Now, it’s been ludicrous to suggest that bison are a problem. The fact is that the only known cases of transmission of brucellosis to domesticated animals – be it cattle or horses – have come from elk. In the 12 years or more that I’ve been following this issue, I’ve yet to hear of bison being the cause of such transmission, yet while elk roam freely, bison are slaughtered in the name of “management.”

There are 3 goals to HB253:

1.Restore buffalo as “valued, native wildlife in the state of Montana.”

2.Restore Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ authority for management of wild bison including fair chase, public hunting

3.Ensure private property rights and livestock are protected, by maintaining cooperation with the Department of Livestock at MCA 81-2-121.

Bison are part of western heritage – and part of Montana’s heritage. We do our state a great service – and the nation – by recognizing this. Property rights must be protected. That means everyone’s – cattlegrowers – around the state.

Please take the time to contact the members of the House FWP committee, including chairman Kendall Van Dyke. Let them know that brucellosis management must both realistic and solution oriented; that bison are a valuable part of Montana and the west’s heritage, and that proper management can be an asset to all interested parties. This year-to-year slaughter endangers the genetic diversity of America’s largest, genetically pure and truly wild buffalo herd. It has to stop.

Kendall Van Dyk (Chair) –
Gordon Hendrick (Vice Chair) –
Dave McAlpin (Vice Chair) –
Dick Barrett =
Paul Beck – no email listed
Joel Boniek – no email listed
Frosty Boss
Mike Miller – no email listed
Jesse O’Hara – no email listed
Jeffrey Welborn – no email listed.

Doug Sternberg is the staffer – please copy him on any correspondence – his email is

You can also call. Call the Session Information Desk at 406-444-4800 to leave a message for as many as five legislators or one legislative committee per call. Your message will be delivered directly to the legislators. The TTY (Telephone Device for the Deaf) number is 406-444-4462.

The Session Information Desk is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

You can also use the online message form.

Remember – this hearing is Thursday. Let these committee members know that sane bison management and a reasonable brucellosis management plan can be accomplished. Together and mutually.

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