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by problembear

because it’s about time.

by jhwygirl

I got a call from a friend in Kallispell, who’s mother lives here, who told her that Dillard’s is closing, and that Kohl’s is going in its place. My friend in Kallispell has a connection to Kohl’s, and she knows that they are delaying their new Kallispell store for at least a year.

Now, over the last couple months, this blog has had a number of searches (we have a stats summary page which includes incoming searches – and yes, don’t worry folks, we also have no way of tracking back to figure out who you all are) for “dillards closing missoula”. Now, I did a post a while back listing businesses that had stores closing, and it came from a news story that mentioned a number of Dillard’s closing after the holidays. So I thought those searches were merely hitting here because this is a blog that mentions Missoula a whole hell of a lot.

So – anyone else hear this? I know Dillard’s was pretty dead as a doornail in terms of Christmas traffic – at least every time I went driving by.

At least – if what I’ve heard is correct – something else is coming in its place. Perhaps they end up hiring most of the Dillard’s people?


by problembear

 rush and the extreme right wing lunatic fringe of the republican party have wasted no time in showing the american public that they don’t give a rat’s ass about america. they oppose every solution that obama proposes and then they duck behind a fence like cowards when the bail-out is voted on and passed by the democratic majority. that shows real leadership doesn’t it?

i do give rush some points for at least being honest about putting his career ahead of america’s future by declaring that he hopes america fails…but as an american who is willing to pitch in and help , i declare him and the rest of the extreme right wing conservatives lazycowards for standing on the sidelines and booing those of us, like obama who haven’t thrown in the towel. but as one football coach once told us….if you don’t have your heart in this game…if you aren’t willing to give your all to win…then you and your so-called bullshit talent can just sit on the bench and watch the rest of us do it for you…

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