What’s Bill Nooney, Ray Hawk, Ed Butcher, Krayton Kerns, et. al. Have Against Healthcare for Children?

by jhwygirl

Today’s House floor vote included a 2nd reading for HB157, also known as the Healthy Kids Initiative.

This bill passed House Appropriations by a 17 – 3 vote. The fiscal note on this has $0 impact to the state’s general fund. It is funded by a federal matching grant of 77.63% to the state’s 22.37% of funds from the state special revenue fund.

This bill must survive a 3rd reading to be moved to the Senate. 41 members of the house voted against this bill today.

The 3rd reading is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1 p.m.
Please consider calling the Session Information Desk at 406-444-4800 to leave a message for as many as five legislators per call. Your message will be delivered directly to the legislators. The TTY (Telephone Device for the Deaf) number is 406-444-4462. The phone opens at 7:30 a.m.

You can also click on the names below to send them an email.

The “Nays” that don’t want 2,437 more Montana children to obtain health care:

Bill Nooney, Missoula
Russell Bean,Augusta
Bill Beck, Whitefish
Gerald Bennett, Libby
Tom Berry, Roundup
Mark Blasdel, Somers
Joel Boniek, Livingston
Dee Brown, Hungry Horse
Edward Butcher, Winifred
Ray Hawk, Florence
Gordon Hendrick, Superior
Dennis Himmelberger, Billings
Roy Hollandsworth, Brady
David Howard, Park City
Pat Ingram, Thompson Falls
Krayton Kerns, Laurel
Harry Klock, Harlowton
Bob Lake, Hamilton
Tom McGillvray, Billings
Walter McNutt, Sidney
Scott Mendenhall, Clancy
Mike Milburn, Cascade
Mike Miller, Helmville
Mike More, Gallatin Gateway
Ken Peterson, Billings
Keith Regier, Kalispell
Scott Riechner, Big Fork
Don Roberts, Billings
Scott Sales, Bozeman
Cary Smith, Billings
Jon Sonju, Kalispell
Wayne Stahl, Saco
Ron Stoker, Darby
Janna Taylor, Dayton
Gordon Vance, Bozeman
Chas Vincent, Libby
Bob Wagner, Harrison
Wendy Warburton, Havre
Ted Washburn, Bozeman
Jeffrey Welborn, Dillon
Lee Randall, Broadus

Click on any or all of the names above, and send them an email saying that Montana’s children deserve health care.

  1. JC

    They’re afraid that the children will grow up thinking that health care coverage comes from the government.

  2. Charles

    Is it possible that McGillvray is a tool of the Insurance Industry? Duh.
    As per Montana State Auditors office, Lic number 12735 . Like many legislators perhaps he represents his own self interests and maybe these companies?

    The Dems need to ram this through.

  3. Charles

    Darn..my link above didn’t work and I am not savvy enough to fix it. Can anyone help? Thank you .

  4. Pronghorn

    Race horse owner, casino owner, Nooney is into gambling…guess he wants to gamble with kids’ health, too. Hell, they’re not HIS kids.

  5. Charles, can you just copy and paste that link again? I’m not sure where you found it.

  6. OK. Figured it out. Go here: http://sao.mt.gov/insurance/findagent.asp and put in Thomas McGillvray.

  7. klemz

    Just to be clear, the Bill Nooney who owns five casinos is his father.

  8. Elanor DH

    They were wheeling out the socialized medicine rhetoric yesterday. That’s such dishonest rhetoric. I wish they’d just be honest about it, that they don’t want insurance companies to hurt, and let the debate be about that. But, then, that’s a pretty naive wish isn’t it? Marc Racicot made it such the in thing for Republicans to sell their souls to the insurance companies. damn trendsetter.

  9. Pronghorn

    There are TWO Gamblin’ Bill Nooneys??? Thanks for that correction.

  10. klemz

    I’m not sure what percentage of what joints Bill Jr. owns, but he doesn’t operate anything as far as I know. though, I think Hi-Noon Petroleum might run some roadside casinos outside of town.

  11. Big Swede

    Make sure you check whether Nooneys pays their taxes.

  12. Widowmaker

    Thank you for this list. I now can take the time and send each of them a note thanking them for doing the right thing. Now, on to see who will fight for my rights in HB228.

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