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by problembear

the above photo depicts the controversial Glendive dinosaur (symbol of a debate between local creationists and paleontologists) which is a knee-slapper all by itself, but not the subject of this post….

the economic stimulus package which the country is waiting for resembles a combination tree house, tunnel system and rope suspension bridge the neighborhood kids slapped up in about two weeks and then abruptly abandoned once built because it was unwieldy, poorly planned and completely useless for what it was built for….having fun.

we’re not having much fun now with 3.6million laid off and that is what is stampeding congress into another rush to bail-out the economy. this stimulus generates lots of thunder in the halls of congress but no lightening on the main street that i can see and it seems like small business doesn’t like it. most of the blue collar people in the country think it is a sham, and after congress gets through with stapling all their ammendments on it, the mood of the country might just be too cynical to support it. will it collapse and if so would that be a good thing so that we can finally put the old system back into the fossil bed it now resides or can we rebuild it frankenstein style by throwing gobs of borrowed money at it until lightening strikes and it rises again…only to devour it’s future again….or do we want to look at a trully new local way to solve this thing once and for all? i don’t know. i’m just a bear, but the stuff coming out of the sausage press in washington smells a little stinky. it smells just like fear- the result of all those politicians looking over their shoulders and worrying about their precious campaigns rather than making any real attempt to alleviate the suffering of folks who just don’t think they give a shit about them anymore.

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread. That means add your own interesting stuff in the comments, folks.

Bunk the West tells us why Republicans are wrong on executive paycaps.

Wulfgar! was a busy busy busy man this week. There’s more. He even did another of his I Am the Laughing Man posts. Check it out.

Montana Netroots is back with a vengeance, including a take-down of Rep. Dennis Rehberg’s empty whining over the stimulus package.

Montana Main Street Blog is another one whose had a very busy week.

Granny Insanity popped up this week with some advice for the blonde cretin-whose-name-I-can’t-even-utter-without-convulsing. Too funny – and spot-on – I might add. I hope she sticks around. Granny Insanity, I mean. The latter can go away any time.

Meanwhile, in the news this week…

What is the statute of limitations on smoking pot? Ridiculously foolish. A university town filled with college kids and a sheriff wanting to investigate an Olympic gold medalist who mighta smoked pot while he was there? Guess that guy forgets that he got there by election?

Electronic billboard woes aren’t unique to Missoula, folks.

Joan Baez is coming to Missoula.

Well, that’s all I got for this one, faithful 4&20 readers. This week was too busy, and I’m really looking forward to r-e-s-t. Life is short, weekends are shorter. Be good to those you love, and at least a little nice to those you don’t.

One final small request that could make a big impact? Call or write your representative today, asking them to co-sponsor the Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act. It only takes a minute to help make what can be a huge difference.

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