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by jhwygirl

Ana J. Beard has agreed to join us here at 4&20blackbirds, and I, for one, can’t be more thrilled.

Pete, you might recall, first introduced us to Ana with this post: A student’s response to censorship.

Ana’s voice is one of many of the next generation that will run this nation. Too often youth is discounted as not having enough experience, I’ll tell you – as I watch the Matt Singers and Jamee Greers and Molly Moodys of the world, I know that thinking that way couldn’t be more wrong.

Ana is a senior at Hellgate itching to graduate and move on to “the big bad world”. She’s the copy editor for the yearbook and editorials editor of the Lance, the Hellgate school newspaper. Ana finds extreme happiness in publishing articles dealing with controversial topics, with questionable headlines, and questionable photos to go along with said articles. She likes to ruffle feathers and she loves to see the reactions. Aside from practically living in the journalism room at Hellgate and working on the yearbook or Lance (or simply sleeping on the couch) she enjoys going to Walmart at 2 in the morning to buy random arts and crafts supplies. :)

Please join me in welcoming Ana J. Beard to 4&20blackbirds.

by jhwygirl

We blogged about SB314 just a few days ago, based on a hat tip from Lucky of The Button Valley Bugle.

Well, seems like Senator Laible is attempting to redeem himself in an interview with Perry Backus, editor of the Ravalli Republic.

So transparent, it’s laughable.

Here’s the part that had me choking on my coffee this morning (as if seeing the piece, in and of itself, wasn’t enough):

“It began as a very innocent request from a constituent who thought we needed to change things a little bit,” Laible said.

Instead, Laible said the language contained in the bill went further than what he intended.

“They provided me with some language that goes way beyond clearing some issues with stream access and ends up taking away the rights of other constituents to access the state’s waterways,” Laible said. “That’s not going to happen in this bill.”

So Liable had a constituent hand him a bill and he just handed it in at the legislature under his sponsorship without reading it?

Or does he lack basic reading comprehension skills? Because in my first read of the bill it was pretty darn clear.

Which is it? Or is there another possibility there that I’m missing?

Here’s another question: Is he so out-of-touch with not only what is going on in his state, but what is going on right on his waterways, that he was unaware that SB314 reverses the very recent Montana Supreme Court ruling?

Then the story goes on to say “Laible wouldn’t say who wrote the bill.”

Well, I’ll take a wild guess at it and say maybe it was one of the well-lawyered litigants in the Mitchell slough case? The Siebel’s, perhaps?

You know – after I wrote that original SB314 piece, there was one thing I couldn’t get out of my head. That was the question of who wrote the bill. Was it a state employee? Laible himself? And then I thought “Hell, I bet it was the litigants themselves.”

The heart of the matter in the case was exactly what HB314 is attempting to address: What is a natural stream?

Look at the history on SB314: The bill was submitted in September and put on hold – but taken off hold and reactivated not 72 hours after the Supreme Court decision came down.

It’s no secret that the litigants are preparing a U.S. Supreme Court appeal – and as I mentioned in the previous post, this legislation is their “Hail Mary.”

Keep that in mind, because, as the record shows…..Laible: A puppet of the rich.

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