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by problembear

ok, i’ll confess. i tried to find the most terrifying photo of a member of the undead, and this is the most terrifying one i could find. but it is kind of germaine since henry paulson is the architect of the original idea to bail out the zombie banks. let’s call him the zombie king…

perhaps the big O and little geithner should hold a little money back from the remainder of the bail-out for some of this. it might come in handy just in case.

but this post should have some real point to it right? well, try this. and when you are tired of reading listen to this.

and while you are waiting for the toxic assets to move their way through the bowels of the fetid economy this might be why we are in the shape we’re in.

i’ll tell ya what i think. i think as things get worse the mood of the middle class is gonna get real ugly and the politicians are jockeying for position to either shield themselves from the political damage or they are so cynical that they are trying to harness that anger to their side’s benefit. now, i am an independent and i am getting real sick of partisan politics. the republicans not only deregulated everything under the sun over the past 30 years (with some weak spined democratic help) thereby ruining our banks and our safe food along the way. now they are trying to obstruct attempts to make things better while their mouthpiece rush is hoping we fail. i am sick of it and i sense that americans are getting real sick of it.

obama’s little kid geithner is looking pretty bad so far. (someone has to check his scalp for a possibility that paulson may have eaten his brains and turned him into one of the undead too…) but i digress. some suggestions from the office of /bluecollar/honest/working/people/getting/real/angry

1. bring the troops all back from iraq and train them to be forensic accountants. maybe a platoon of book-keepers with camo fatigues and an M-16 will get the zombie executives attention. now let’s REALLY take a good look at those books, maggot!

2.get rid of every politician in washington and replace them with a true citizen congress in 2010. try it. run as an independent on the ticket and declare yourself as totally opposed to partisan politics. it is gold. trust me.

now i am outta here. been really causing a lot of trouble lately (been being a very very bad bear) even for a problembear, so this it an equal opportunity open thread to rail against the machine. rail away. i won’t interrupt. i promise. Lizard- et al. it is your stage….

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