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a good example.


by problembear

so it is nearly noon and my ursian belly is growling. i pull into a wendy’s and order whatever they can give me for 5.25 and sit down to take a fifteen minute break from a great job i enjoy -foraging for the poor. i check the blackberry and notice that all the news is bad again. while i chew my virtual food and peruse the virtual world there is a table next to mine with two older women who are chatting amiably and quite intelligenty about the world to an older distinguished looking gentleman sitting with them. he appears to be retired. could be anyone’s grandfather. skinny black shiny belt. pendleton shirt. pressed slacks. shiny black shoes. dressed casual but he wears it like a guy who knows his way around suits.

so there i sit bear-like in my carhartts at the table next to them listening while they are chatting. one of the women is complaining about an increase in a property tax bill one of  their friends has received and wondering why local governments don’t shrink their budgets during the hard times so people can afford to pay their taxes and stay in their homes. these aren’t ultra conservatives spitting vile or anything. nobody mentions rush limbaugh. they just seem to be polite regular folks who are just a touch on the conservative side. my kind of folks- but the conversation turns a bit predictable so i tune them out for a little spell while i finish my small frosty and read my blackberry messages.

i was feeling a little depressed you see, because just a few minutes ago, i had left a place where a lot of expired food was donated and the manager of the store yelled at the poor clerks who worked there (earning minimum wage) he seemed to go out of his way to humiliate them as he strolled past them on his way to show me the warehouse where the food was stored. he yells at them to get busy and quit talking to each other. he says it so loud that all the customers turn to look at him. one of the older woman clerks turns a red crimson and begins to tear up. he doesn’t even notice.

on the way to the warehouse i offered to back my commercial truck up to the warehouse dock and load it on a pallet to make things easie but he told me that the company won’t let him use those doors unless they are receiving. so ok. i hand load and  roll eleven hundred pounds of food out the front door past all the customers on little carts and i hand load everything up into the truck. the whole episode just got me in an all around cranky mood. which is unusual because usually, all of our donors are always so kind it makes every day pretty nice.  so i began to daydream about all the things i wish obama would do to the jerks and the crooked ceo’s and vips on wall  street and wishing there was some constitutional precedent for sending in the 82nd airborne to do some forensic accounting and asset confiscation….

so i look up after a few minutes from my virtual tour of the news and my fantasies of the little guy finally wreaking some revenge on the assholes of the world, when i notice that a very tall and obviously newly crewcut national guardsman walks in with desert camo and queues up behind some high school kids who are ordering lunch. as the soldier peruses the menu board, the older guy next to me (i have to say older because i am pretty old) gets up from the table and excuses himself to go to the bathroom. as he walks past the guardsman, the older guy very quietly and surreptitiously hands the soldier a small wad of  bills and says a few words. obviously paying for the solier’s lunch. the old guy then disappears down the hall to the bathroom. when he comes out he sees me smiling at him. the older guy looks back at the soldier whose back is turned ordering his meal, then the older guy turns back to see me still smiling more broadly at him. he smiles back at me with a secret joy that only the spontaneous can really appreciate. no one else knows or sees this- even the ladies he is escorting do not know. we didn’t even speak but my day- maybe even the next several days are much better now that the older gentleman has set a good example……..and god knows we need good examples now and then just to get us through the day. hope it helps you out there in virtual land…

by jhwygirl

Make sure to stay on Pete’s Bozeman Explosion post – goof hoolihan, who lives out there in Bozeman, has a first hand report on the situation, and reports that they did finally get the gas shut down (having to dig up frozen ground in the alley) sometime after midnight.

There’s more. Make sure to read it.

Appreciate goof’s report – I’m sure he was dog-ass tired when he did it.

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