Various & Sundry for the Weekend

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread

Well, a hell of a week, I’d say. Yesterday, especially, was really a WTF? With Bozeman still in major catastrophic mode, an early morning quake rocked the area – 4.2 – centered just south of Whitehall. Not good for a bunch of former buildings now laying like sticks. News reports used the words minor, and moved on…but my thought was “4.2? Hell, that’s enough to rattle some stuff off walls.” A short time later, downtown Whitehall was on fire. The Bozeman Chronicle reports this morning that at least 5 businesses are a loss.

Frequent 4&20 commenter goof hoolihan has added his observations and after-thoughts to Pete’s post – this morning was another.

The whole downtown Main Street will be suffering from the affects of this for quite a while. Don’t rule Bozeman out for a ski trip for the last few weekends here of ski season, folks – many of those businesses in that area – while vehicle traffic might not be possible – will be open for foot traffic. Many of the open businesses are going to help out and employ – in these tough economic times – their neighbors who are unemployed because they don’t have a building to go to. They’ll need some extra consumers. Keep that in mind.

And with that one woman still missing, rescue and recovery works? Safety first.

I actually started this V&S about two weeks ago? Maybe three? So picking up from there….

Back then, the Obama Administration is considering a lift of the ban on media coverage of returning fallen soldiers. A little over a week later, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the ban would be lifted.

Also from the NY Times, a graphic presentation of 2008’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wherein I find out that my Britta water filter is fairly worthless. The Atlantic has the story.

Wulfgar! did a great piece on the Republican folly aftermath of President Obama’s State of the Union address.

The whole Michael Steele/Rush Limbaugh thing has been fascinating. I had happened to catch the interview that has initiated the whole most recent conservative firing squad – it was on the D.L. Hughley show on CNN. DL circled in – with a co-host – on Steele, pushing him on not only his party’s failure to address black issues, but on how Rush was really the leader of the party. How if Steele was really the leader of the party, wouldn’t he and the party want to marginalize someone who openly spoke of wanting our President to fail? How speaking that way is very contradictory to what Republican’s have been accusing Democrats of doing for the last 8 years?…

Steele mealy-mouthed his way through the interview, and finally gave Hughley what he was looking for – Steele saying Rush wasn’t leader. Neither statement there lasted long – Steele has been under attack form conservatives since then – he’s apologized to Limbaugh, and he’s had to take down his blog at the RNC because of the overwhelmingly critical posts coming from conservatives.

DL Hughley? His show was cancelled on Thursday in a release titled DL Hughley takes new role at CNN.

Guess Rush Limbaugh, an OxyContin and hydrocodone-loving buffoon, really is the head of the RNC.

Bunk the West takes on rural healthcare issues.

Pogie tells us about Sen. Bob Story’s pathetic defense of not funding CHIP in the state house. He also feigned some tears for the poor professionals who make more than $250,000 a year, who are belly-achin’ about Obama’s tax plan.

The Button Valley Bugle brings us a history of a house that had to be burned before it fell into the river – with a nifty picture, don’t miss it – and a call, again, for support of the Big Sky Rivers Act. This one is still in the House, folks…let’s give it a lift and tell that House Natural Resources Committee to get it moving!

Help out if you can for pancreatic cancer research? There is a 7-week challenge going on, that requires but a few seconds of your time at a keyboard. Karbon Kounty Moos tells you all about it. Small things really do make a difference. The keyboard can be mightier than the sword.

Robert Struckman is back, blogging for Montana Change That Works, a project of SEIU, the Service Employees International Union..a very very fine group of people. Don’t miss his stuff over at Left in the West

One more…

Politics, Peaks, and Valleys had a nice thorough analysis of the early pickin’s in Montana’s U.S. congressional race. Insider v. outsider: Who’ll bloody Rehberg? I’m very much enjoying that blog over there…

  1. Ayn Rand

    And a Bush hating, conservative hating, previous sign ordinance committee member author-ess of this blog, will, no doubt, blame the latest catastrophes in Montana on Rush, Bush, Steele and all Montana conservative legislators and governors since 1870.

    • you mean someone doesn’t hate bush?
      what kind of mind can find itself identifying with an ignorant, born on third base draft-dodger who sat on his hands while the country slid into a depression?

      is it the same kind of mind that spews out hate at every opportunity?

      can it be the mind of a frustrated and shrinking ultra conservative whose influence wanes with each senseless reveal of it’s limitations?….

    • Dumb: Using all too recent tragedies for political sniping

      Dumber still: Using all too recent tragedies for political sniping by accusing others of using all too recent tragedies for political sniping.

      Dumber than shit: Trolling a blog by preemptively accusing others of using all too recent tragedies for political sniping when they’ve done no such goddamned thing.

      Go away troll.

      • B-b-b…but Ayn is soooooooooooo entertaining! I mean, there’s gotta be some drugs in there somewhere – he/she couldn’t be more delusional.

        Maybe that’s what set this off – hydrocodone and OxyContin…

  2. Ayn Rand

    Again, I rest my case.

    Enjoy your dumpster diving, thanks to the new Obama economic revival.

  3. you are always resting your case when i comment ayn. then you run away. what’s the matter? can’t you back up your accusatory and insulting snipe act with real arguments?

  4. Lizard

    ahh, another useless comment from a conservative ideologue. ayn, attacks like these just further show how vacuous your party has become. it would be funny watching you guys flail around if it wasn’t a serious possibility that another sociopath supported by the right will come to power in 2012.

    people like you, who waste time sniping on a local blog, do an incredible disservice to the members of your party who are actually capable of reasoned debate. sometimes i have to forcefully remind myself that not all republicans are morons who STILL can’t understand how destructive the last eight years have been for ALL the people in this country.

  5. oh i forgot. rush doesn’t broadcast on saturday, ayn. guess we will have to wait until monday for your argument. you wouldn’t want to step out of line. without consulting that other wealthy, drug addicted draft-dodger to help guide you.

  6. Ayn Rand

    Notice the mackinaw almost always rise to the bait and are greasy, fat and bloated, or you can just snag em on the bottom.

    • Nobody took your bait, troll. To this point, the only one who has blamed another with the purpose of scoring tawdry political points is *YOU*.

  7. Pregnant Sue

    Doesn’t think Ayn Rand is a troll.

  8. few do. i am still baffled by virtual terms….

  9. Lizard

    15 replies on a various and sundry thread all focusing on a needlessly inflammatory comment is a very successful example of trolling. ayn rand is clearly agitating just to piss people off, and it works.

    trolls enjoy agitating, which is why they do it. pushing people’s buttons gets them off. sure it’s pathetic, childish behavior, but what can you do? paying attention, i.e. “feeding” them, just encourages more of the same, and the issues we all face are so immense there’s no point wasting time with worthless comments from a troll who mainlines Rush and worships Rand.

    in all seriousness, both sides of the political spectrum need to get out of their tents and witness the extent of the bipartisan shafting occurring RIGHT NOW. and it will continue, with help from both sides: blind belief from the left, and pure spite from the right.

    until i see evidence of the political will to speak frankly about how deeply we are been fucked by institutions like AIG, i’ll remain extremely skeptical of half measures and uncomfortable omissions stinking up the pretty sounds from our new commander.

    oh, and ayn, please, if you have some new ideas or constructive opinions to share, i would love to hear them. i agree with more than a few planks of the republican platform, but i have no patience for the vehemence of social conservatives and the FUCK YOU I GOT MINE admirers of a dope-addled pig grunting into a golden microphone.

    • Lizard

      excuse me, being fucked

      • lizard- just as an exercize, try writing the above posts with no expletives. think it will read as less comical and/or dismissable.

        loved the dope-addled pig grunting into a golden microphone, though.

        • I don’t know, pb – I’m a sailor sometimes, and sometimes an expletive is the only thing that adequately expresses what needs to be expressed.

          At least from this sailor wannabe.

        • Lizard

          was it the bad words, or the non-partisan disgust the bad words were directed at that bothered you pbear? and why does describing the situation as us, the taxpayers, getting fucked by greedy, broke-ass corporate thugs, make my comment comical and/or dismissable?

          SNL might be able to make it comical, but it’s a mistake to depict Timmy & Co. as incapable, because they’re doing a fine job of stalling (which is probably what they’re suppose to do).

          the only question worth answering is how long are we willing to take it, and when it gets bad enough, what actions will be left for citizens to take?

          i highly recommend the Michael Hudson interview i linked to in another thread, and i hope despite my recommendation, you’ll listen to it anyway.

  10. goof houlihan

    Well having an open thread SEEMED like a good idea for a while…

  11. Thanks jhwygirl, for mentioning my posts on LeftInTheWest.Com. I hope to have a Montana Change That Works blog soon, and, if it’s OK with you, to start writing for 4and20blackbirds, too. What do you think?

    The mission of CTW and SEIU is to support efforts to fix our broken health care system and get our economy back on track, working for the people who work, as it should be.

    See you, Bob

    • Absolutely! Contact me by email, Bob….you-know-what at hotmail…

      • sounds great. we need someone to watch and inform about labor and union issues, robert. welcome. i look forward to backing up the fine folks you represent. about time that the hardest working and least paid folks in our work force are finally recognized and paid fairly. obama is saying america needs to unionize now and i am saying that is not soon enough for me.

  12. Mayor of Mayhem

    Lizard, Expletives exist for the reason you chose to use them, because no other word adequately expresses the needed sentiment. Did you know the “dope addled pig” was once arrested for having 10,000 vicodin tabs under his bed?

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