Why’s Rep. Bill Beck Gotta Take a Good, Simple, Common Sense Bill and Complicate It?

by jhwygirl

SB438, sponsored by Sen. Carol Juneau of Browning, is a bill that would regulate the sale of alcoholic energy drinks. Believe it or not, there are alcoholic malt beverage energy drinks out there that pass under current regulation because they contain less than 7% alcohol that is typically found in beer.

Everyone knows alcohol is bad for kids – and having these kinds of beverages unregulated isn’t a very good thing at all. Sen. Browning – and virtually all of the State Senate think that this bill is a good thing. This bill even passed out of the Senate Committee 9-2….

But here SB438 comes to the State House today – where, as Rep. Art Noonan said (I’m paraphrasing from memory) “everyone here seems to get suspicious.” To be clear, he said this in regards to another bill, but nonetheless….

What Rep. Art Noonan was trying to say, in other words: In the House, things can go whack.

2nd reading on this bill was delayed because Rep. Bill Beck has to add an amendment. He didn’t get it to where it was supposed to be – but from the sounds of things, it was pretty important. The hearing was “passed for consideration” (delayed) because of Beck’s so-important amendment.

What was it? I have to say, I was curious, given the overwhelming non-partisan support in the Senate.

So I head to the legislative website tonight…

What was it? An amendment to strike the following words which set forth the intent behind the word “stimulants” in the legislation: “including but not limited to guarana, ginseng, and taurine.”

His amendment also wants to add, in its place: “as defined by the department by rule based on conclusive scientific findings.”

So what is that about? How frickin’ petty and petulant can one be? What purpose, pray-tell, does it serve to have the Department of Revenue or whatever agency is going to be in charge of this to have to go through rule making after having a scientific study done to determine that additives like guarana, ginseng and taurine are stimulants?

You really gotta wonder what lobbyist got to Beck to push him to request such an amendment.

This is the kind of ridiculous stuff you see or hear if you bother to go to live feed during the day. Honestly – it’d be entertaining if it weren’t so damned foolish and exemplary of the tremendous amount of waste that it represents.

It’s the kind of stuff that can send one into a rant…

Beck delayed a bill today for an utterly ridiculous – and frankly, an addition that advocates for more bureaucracy – amendment. He added 15 minutes to that meeting, which is 15 minutes he took from something else. Further – he’s going to take up Lord knows how much time with debate tomorrow to have that amendment read, to make is case, and to have others discuss the thing.

Rep. Bill Beck is a Republican from Whitefish. I call on any – some – reasonable Republican to take Beck aside before floor debate tomorrow and tell him to quit wasting other people’s time with petty amendments and vote for a bill that has been shown to be good on its own merits.

For crying out loud.

  1. Lizard

    You really gotta wonder what lobbyist got to Beck to push him to request such an amendment.

    hmmm… could a seemingly ridiculous amendment scuttle the entire bill? must be the SPARKS lobby.

    • I doubt it’d scuttle it, but honestly – the waste of time. For what purpose? Seriously.

      Sparks was discussed in the Senate floor debate, as I recall.

  2. Curious

    I have to ask…wouldn’t it just be easier to amend the current alcohol regulations by lowering the amount of alcohol percentage to define an alcholic drink? Do we really need to start regulating every energy drink? It seems this could open a huge can of worms for Montana.

  3. klemz

    This is idiotic because Sparks is off the market. Who drinks Tilt? Effing commies, man.

  4. klemz

    I don’t know who you are evil klemz, but I’m guessing the surf was super good for you today because I was getting mush.

  5. Beck’s amendment failed this morning, 52-45.

    A huge thanks, too, for the common sense expressed by Rep. Tom McGillvray (R) of Billings regarding not only the amendment but the bill itself.

    Rep. Jeffrey Welborn (R), of Dillon, on the other hand, gets the lapdog award for starting off is speech in opposition to this bill with “This is an anti-business bill,” and continued on how this is unnecessary regulation.

    Regulation of alcohol? Really Representative Welborn?

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