we shall overcome


by problembear

only those who have been there can truly appreciate how it feels to be homeless. and homeless with kids must be a terrifying experience indeed. one reporter who covers this issue tells the story of people caught somewhere in the middle. living in motels in cities and towns accross this nation. people who are living week to week and hanging on by their finger nails survive another night with heat and a roof. meals may be on hot plates and neighbors might be scary but still the kids have to go to school and you have to keep the only job left in the family….

on another note i am heartened when i read stories about american factory workers who when they are laid off go enmasse to volunteer at local homeless shelters and food banks. americans who are scared and discouraged are reaching out and helping other americans who are worse off. hospital workers who when faced with lay-offs of their fellow workers opt instead to sacrifice parts of their salaries and benefits to enable the staff to remain intact.  when i read these stories in the middle of the bush-crash now enveloping the country i am reminded….we shall overcome.

and i wonder sometimes at the old predictions of survivalists who when predicting the collapse of the economy of the united states said to arm ourselves against roving bands of armed bandits who would certainly appear at our doors to  try and steal our family’s food, water, shelter and heat…..what must they be thinking now when they see roving bands of volunteers roaming the streets to share what they have with the less fortunate.  

let’s all get to our local homeless shelters and food banks and give what we can in time and resources. let us join the americans who are leading by example every day in depressed regions accross the country….together we shall overcome. if you are as inspired as i am by the generosity of americans helping americans call or email the poverello and ask them what you can do to make a difference in some families lives today.

  1. Lizard

    hotel rooms? how about tent cities.

  2. one guy, divorced father with two grade school kids, lives in his campervan. parked in a street near an old neighbor’s place for a while so he could plug in an extension cord. neighbors complained about him living in the van so police told him he has to move. works 35 hours a week for the missoula school district. uses the showers at the pov for him and the kids. it’s hard out there.

    anyone out there know anyone who needs help? leave the story here and maybe we can find a link to help.

  3. Lizard

    for anyone who shops at the orange street food farm, you might have talked to a lady who goes by the name “bear.” she was evicted a month ago from her apartment because her hoarding was deemed a health/fire hazard. she almost died from pneumonia while staying at the pov, and now she’s on oxygen. she gets a small monthly check from the death of her husband in vietnam, so she can afford a cheap place, but she has a cat, which everyone knows makes renting that much more difficult, and usually adds cost. also, getting over the hump of putting down a security deposit can be really tough for folks on fixed incomes.

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