Two More Worthy of HELL NO’s

by jhwygirl

The Editor at the Button Valley Bugle has two bills that have both had their hearings and are awaiting committee action.

Both bills deal with carbon sequestration – which sounds nice and green, but as The Very Worthy Editor puts forth, really isn’t. Quite an informative post over there on HB338 and SB498.

All in support of the ultimate energy fallacy: Clean Coal.

One question I have – why does Montana want to store Canada’s CO2? Or, better asked: Why doesn’t Canada want to store its own CO2?

You really must read that post over at the Button Valley Bugle.

HB338 is in Senate Energy and Telecommunications, after having passed the House on a 90-9 vote. HB338 expands eminent domain. Wow. Nadine Spencer the secretary –

If you look at the 9 who are listed as having voted NO there, you’ll know that I’m finding it very scary to find myself in agreement with that group. But I’ll try to sleep well tonight believing that while we might agree on the outcome, the road we’ve taken has been drastically different.

SB498 is in House Federal Relations, Energy, and Telecommunications, having passed the Senate on a 42-8 vote. Bryce Bennett the secretary –

The list of NO bedfellows on this one isn’t as strange – but I’ll note that this probably the first time I’ve found myself in agreement with Sen. Verdell Jackson.

Did I mention these bills could have devastating affects on water quality?

  1. Lucky

    “One question I have – why does Montana want to store Canada’s CO2? Or, better asked: Why doesn’t Canada want to store its own CO2?”

    Silly Girl: $$$$$$$ Actually, I think we have bigger pore spaces in Montana. Or maybe they are better quaility? The real answer is probably to bypass environmental laws north of the border although I haven’t researched that.

    • It’s unbelievable the stuff we Montanans approve in search of $$$ – horse slaughter, coal bed methane and the rape and pillage on senior water rights – crazy stuff.

      Yet, here we got lots of wind, and plenty of land available to manufacture those structures. Event railway infrastructure to export and move it around. We could be the wind capital of the US – yet, as I drive bass-ackwards Wyoming this past August, I could see more windmills just along I-80 than all of what we have here in Montana.

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