Hendrickson for Mayor? Engen should be so lucky

by Pete Talbot

Over at Missoula Red Tape, Keila Szpaller hints that Missoula Councilman John Hendickson might make a run for mayor.

Please, please let it be true. We’ve posted on Ward Two’s Councilor a few times here, here and here, for starters.

I can’t think of a more divisive, thoughtless, regressive and downright mean-spirited member on city council. This would be a cakewalk for sitting Mayor Engen.

Szpaller notes that Hendrickson did refile for his old ward seat and may actually be happy in that position. So if he’s not running for mayor, I’m praying someone will take him on in Ward Two. They’d be doing that ward and the city a huge favor.

The municipal primary election is Tuesday, Sept. 8 and the general election is Tuesday, Nov. 3. It may seem early to talk about local elections but before you know it, they’re upon us.


  1. It’s a ploy of sorts. They don’t want to appear to be crowning Dick “Pointy Little Heads” Haines – their real choice – king. Plus, they need to have some drama to get people somewhat interested in the Republican race, so Hendrickson figured he’d take one for the team.

    He really is a “what the hell” type of guy anyways.

    Do not be distracted. In fact, Hendrickson would make Dick “Hippie Skippie” Haines look downright middle-of-the-road.

  2. Pete Talbot

    Valid point, jhwygirl, but I think Haines and Hendrickson are cut from the same cloth — velour, perhaps velveteen — although Haines has better credentials.

    Either way, my money’s on Engen.

  3. Political Bookie

    Haines Baby Haines.

  4. Political Bookie

    (I don’t get this… I left this exact same comment a couple hours ago at a public computer, and it got blocked… Now, I’m at another public computer, and it doesn’t get blocked? You don’t need to post this comment, but something funny seems to be going on with your site’s blocking/non-blocking situation)

  5. Political Bookie

    PS–Imeant my money is on Haines running, not on Haines winning. Engen might have lost all that weight, but he will still squash Haines.

  6. joe c'sida

    Engen is about the least effective mayor Missoula has ever had. No, make that the least effective.

    What we get for elcting kooks.

    another one ain’t gonna mess thing up more than they alredy are.


    ol’ joe

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