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by jhwygirl

Canadian Premier Brad Wall attended the super-secret meeting in Big Sky, MT of select Democratic Governors (invited at the behest of our beloved Governor Schweitzer, president of the Democratic Governor’s Association) to tout his so-hopeful $60 million partnership in experimentation on the myth of carbon sequestration and the potential affects on our state’s water quality.

Just joking – the Canadian Premier didn’t address those potential affects on our state’s water….he only wants to ship his CO2 down here for us to store it.

I mean – why would Canada care about our water? Why would they care if it works or if it’s safe? They got $60 million and the stuff has to go somewhere – why not dump it over the border, especially if Montana’s willing to be a test site for something that we’re just going to bury in the ground and hope it all works out OK.

The legislature now has two bills floating around in hopes of facilitating this literal CO2 pipe dream : HB338 which allows CO2 pipelines as common carries – translate that to mean that the state can condemn private property for these things – and HB498 which is the meat-and-potato bill that will establish laws regarding carbon sequestration, giving the Board of Oil & Gas regulatory authority and defining who owns the space where this stuff is stored. Button Valley Press has at least two posts on this issue – Captive Carbon? overviews both bills and give a reasonable person enough information to pause and realize that while it might sound all wonderful and fabulous, is it? Button Valley’s second post, CO2 Going To The Birds give that reasonable person even more scary information.

HB338 has passed both houses and is being prepared for transmittal to the Governor’s desk. SB498 had its hearing Monday in House Federal Relations, Energy, and Telecommunications and rumor has it that the committee is working on a pretty large number of amendments. Many wait and watch for these amendments – given that these indications are a heads-up that this is going to the floor, there will be no chance for public input on the amendments, yet alone much chance to let your House representation know whether you support them or not.

Shame, isn’t it?

Want to hear more about that super-secret, no-press-allowed meeting of 6 Democratic Governors (Montana, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, West Virginia and Washington), the Premier of Canada and Lord knows who else?

No taxpayer money was used for the meeting. That’s the justification for not allowing the press.

Who paid for this meeting in luxurious Big Sky where no taxpayer money was used?

Counsol Energy
First Energy Corporation
Peabody Energy
Cross Harbor Capital
The Yellowstone Club
Dennis R. Washington
Jim & Patty Dolan
Arch Coal
the Boich group
BNSF Railroad
Corrections Corp. of America

Coal companies, energy companies, companies that haul the stuff, private citizens – at least one – that make a fortune off of EPA and DEQ cleanup sites….and pharmaceutical companies that take care of the illnesses created by rape and pillage on the environment.

Lovely, huh?

NBC Montana did an investigative piece on this with Tueesday evening’s news…but I’m not finding any links to it on their website. Hopefully they’ll put something up in a day or two.

by jhwygirl

Will Rep. Ed Butcher accept them? He’s said “no” – let’s see if he keeps his word.

Tomorrow should be what some of us might call a Popcorn Floor Session. Butcher can be quite entertaining in full action – and tomorrow will almost undoubtedly maintain that predictability.

Rep. Mary Caferro of Helena is bringngi forth two amendments (one and two), while Rep. Tim Furey, of Missoula brings forth a third amendment. They’re all geared towards addressing the Governor’s concerns – and, as a bonus – Rep. Caferro has added a clause that requires that the facilities first hire Montana workers at the standard prevailing wage.

You GO Mary CaferrO!

Here’s some information on what the term ‘standard prevailing wage’ means.

HB418 has been addressed numerous times both here and at here.

Should Butcher accept the amendments? I highly recommend you contact your representatives in the House -whether they’re Republican or Democrat – and let them know what you think.

The House floor vote is 1 p.m. Wednesday. HB418 is first up.

You can contact your representative by calling the legislative information desk at 406-444-4800 and leaving a message for up to 5 legislators. If you aren’t sure who your legislator is, go to this page, which has a few helpful links, including a nifty interactive legislative district map that’ll help you figure out who to contact and ho.

by jhwygirl

You are the Governor, after all…and if someone is wanting to meet with you – whether they request it or you do – you do have the right that the press be present.

Hell – some might say that you should insist on it and it is the public, ultimately, that is due that right. I mean – we elected you and all..

Besides that – isn’t there some kind of open-door policy up there in the east wing of the Capitol? Thought I heard something about that a while back….

Thing is – when you say that you ‘expected the Monday meeting to be open to reporters, but mill officials kept the media off the property,’ that sounds, well, kinda lame.

by jhwygirl

One Cessna 172 Skyhawk, a full tank of fuel, 783 air miles, 7 hours, two F-16 Air Force fighter jets and one evacuated state Capitol: Priceless.

Priceless in all kinds of ways, huh?

I think it says somewhere in there that he looked right at those F-16 pilots and waved…..

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