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by problembear

it’s no fun negotiating the swamp of the american system of health insurance. everywhere you look…leeches!!! in the form of private health insurers. they want to suck our blood….and leave our dry empty bodies and wallets and purses  for dead.

a friend of ours has a serious health condition. she “has health insurance” (i say this in quotes for a reason which will become clear later) and is employed for a very respected employer here in town. rose (not her real name of course) called her doctor and scheduled a routine breast exam last august. the results called for lab tests and further investigation. the insurance at first balked at paying for the lab tests and the necessary procedures because they said it was outside the plan. after 12 lengthy phone calls over a six month time period  and sixteen letters back and forth. (she keeps them filed in a box with the word  leeches written on the top.) the said insurance company finally gave in and allowed the clinic to perform the further tests and procedures. the procedures were finally performed in february. the results are that rose must have a double masectomy. her doctor feels that had the insurance company ok’d promptly he may have been able to save rose’s breasts….now he just hopes to be able to save rose’s life.

we’ve all heard these horrible sad stories from our relatives and our friends. but it never comes at you with true significance until someone you are close to has to wrestle so called “insurance” away from the profit motivated private “insurers”.

webster defines insurance thusly:

1 a: the business of insuring persons or property b: coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril c: the sum for which something is insured2: a means of guaranteeing protection or safety <the contract is your insurance against price changes>
by exclusion provisions, stalling and outright fraud, health “insurers” have gamed the system so much now that as insurance it is practically unrecognizable anymore. the private health “insurance “system in the united states is a broken system and it needs to be replaced with universal health insurance provided by our government. period.
to do anything else is just plain old fashioned lunacy. how can anyone in their right mind defend these companies anymore?
baucus and obama need to quit playing games and just do it for all of our sakes. the leeches have sucked enough of our blood and they are killing innocent people by playing doctor with our lives….

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