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Bunches of good stuff I’ve been reading through for some time now – – –

The Center for the Rocky Mountain West has just released its Spring newsletter. There’s an interesting piece in there on population migration within the U.S.

When Wulfgar! writes that he was thinking of wearing “a flower print dress and my best tea-party bonnet,” you know you better be paying attention. I immediately began planning my trip to Bozeman. Good thing I read the rest of it, otherwise I’da been highly disappointed.

Then he goes after his favorite (Not!) local conservative blogger Andy Hammond with a piece titled “Asplode!

Pogie over at Intelligent Discontent took a jab at Rep. Dennis Rehberg and his hypocritical schizophrenic behavior concerning earmarks. It’s always good to get more clarification on Rehberg.

He also made two strikes with one blow on both the Chair of the Montana Republican Party and Rep. Dennis Rehberg in Is Liane Pronounced Lyin’ – A Pathetic Defense of Dennis Rehberg’s Record.


Both Button Valley Press and Will Fish For Work brought Walleye Welfare bill SB425 to my attention. Stop over and give ’em both a thanks for helping to save an important warm water fishery, along with a move that will ensure our fishing licenses won’t be increasing anytime in the near future.

Also celebrating the death of SB498…The Editor had put one one last scary post on the ills and unanswered questions behind carbon sequestration on Friday morning, and by late morning – early afternoon the bill was effectively killed in committee.

One ugly ugly bill that is sitting on the Governor’s desk, waiting for his signature is SB95 which concerns water quality standards for local municipalities. Politics, Peaks, and Valleys has a great piece over there, SB 95: Bucking Feds & Water Quality Standards. Anyone say “Mmmm, I love nutrient discharge in my water?” What’s shocking about this bill is how it is in direct conflict with federal EPA regulations. Look – legislative audits this past summer demonstrated how woefully inadequate Montana DEQ is acting as the agency responsible for the state’s water quality…why would we sign a law into effect that just continues to perpetrate that which is in violation of federal law?

Although, maybe Montana is better off with the feds taking over DEQ’s water quality division?

The Dead are apparently back out on tour The New York Times has two nice little nostalgic pieces – that one there and this one which is a collection of photographs, including reader submitted.

Matt Kohler has a piece up at Clean Green Sustainable about mountaintop coal removal. It’s a major issue out east – in king coal country West Virginia…which reminded me of something someone brought up the other day: “If all these coal advocates want to tout jobs-jobs-jobs when talking about coal, what about West Virginia? Isn’t that one of the poorest states in the U.S.? What about jobs and money down there?”

James Conner of Flathead Memo is not happy about the state of the CHIP initiative – and the state GOP’s role in the situation. When Sen. Jonathan Windy Boy facilitated that budgetary decision, well…let’s just say James got even more incensed.

No one is, really – and the hypocrisy surrounding that vote to reduce a citizen-backed program is mystifying. Singer points out the hypocrisy of it when transposed on the issue of redistricting, while in another post he points out how there simply isn’t any logic to the way they are coming to this decision.

Me? I see it pretty hypocritical of the Montana GOP to jump out on the Capitol steps and lambaste Democrats on the downfall of society for their pro-choice votes while failing to ensure that an additional 15,000 kids get healthcare and while voting in support of state-sanctioned killing in the death penalty? What kind of respect for life is that?

This one really ticked me off: Army Vet Billed $3,000 for War Wounds. My friend, who was Army, said that the Army should be sued for malpractice.

Bridger Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, of Bozeman, is climbing Mt. Everest and they’ve got a blog up with fabulous stories and photographs. I’ve been following it for weeks.

  1. goof houlihan

    Surprised at your opposition to 95. Cities and towns should not have to clean up their effluvia to an impossible standard to make up for the non point pollution coming into the rivers upstream of their discharge pipe, which is EXACTLY what EPA wants. All the while the DEQ won’t do anything about non point pollution, such as the ground water pollution from sprawl and non sanitary sewer waste treatment. Ten thousand septic tanks out in the county just barely regulated and more added every day. And what npk and other chemicals go into the water from golf courses and agriculture? Hmm? EPA and DEQ have the incentives going to MORE septic, and punishing those who are on sanitary sewer. Wrong headed by 180 degrees…and why? Because the right thing’s hard to do, and by golly we aren’t going to have any zoning in the county…not in the Gallatin either, btw.

    I did enjoy the NYT piece on my “adolescent indulgence”. Takin my two teenage sons to the Gorge in May for a dinosaur reunion, doobie bros, allmans and dead, or maybe they’re gonna be takin me, watchin out for the older generation; “you know “kind sandwiches” upset your bowels, dad”. Thinkin about it reminds me of “Almost Famous” line about the Rolling Stones and Jagger aren’t gonna be shakin it at fifty. So, the Dead in say, their Dark Starring peak March 1, 1969, forty years ago. Extrapolate back forty years from their heyday, to 1929. Were we in 1969 rockin to those 1929 groups? ( Yeah, that Al Jolson second set had some nice jams). It’s weird that we are doing that now. But a little rock n roll road trip with the boys? Can’t turn that down.

    Not a lot of choices really, for those in coal mining country, work in the mines or move to the city and leave home and family behind. Reminds me of rural Montana, the social aspect especially. And yes, daddy’s dad was a miner, and momma’s dad ran the company store.

    Here’s hoping the celebration of spring equinox, however you observe it, finds all hanging of you hanging tough through the winter and looking forward to a little renewal of actual and metaphorical color and bloom in your lives.

    • Lucky

      Acckk! SB425 is back from the dead. The Walleye Welfare Act has been blown out of committee and comes up for a floor vote in the House TOMORROW! Let your House members know that you won’t stand for this sneaky action. Stop SB425!

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