Tyler Gernant: Reward Work Instead of Rewarding Wealth

by jhwygirl

Introducing himself to Bozeman, Tyler Gernant – the newest candidate to enter the race against U.S. Rep. Dennis Rehberg – was interviewed by Daniel Person of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

It’s short – but who can argue with the issue as Gernant state’s it?:

“Somewhere along the line, we forgot the American dream – that anyone who is willing to work hard and play by the rules should have the opportunity to reach the top.”

That can be achieved, Gernant said, through reforming the tax code to “reward work instead of rewarding wealth” and promoting rural energy production like wind and solar power.

Tyler Gernant is a tax attorney residing here in Missoula.


  1. Ayn Rand

    “”reward work instead of rewarding wealth!!

    Does this mean he favors paying teachers for outcome rather than seniority?

  2. Ayn – I’m not sure exactly what that means. There may be some distant correlation between the concepts you’re talking about, but I think Tyler’s point is that people shouldn’t be taxed at lower rates for capital gains than for wages or salaries.

  3. Big Swede

    So if Tyler gets his way no one would want to invest in stocks or bonds. If nobody invests then peoples’ retirement funds fall, the companies stop growing and hiring and everything comes to a abrupt stop, kinda like what’s happening now but on a larger scale.

    Looking at the positive side, sales of safes would skyrocket. People would turn to hoarding precious metals and coins, again on a larger scale. And of course there’s always the issue of lax reporting of valuables personally held for tax purposes.

    • Kinda like how right now nobody wants to work because taxes are too high? You’re right, Big Swede — the entrepreneurial and capitalist spirit is so strong but mild taxation absolutely kills it.

    • TheKritik

      I’m less concerned about capital gains taxing than I am about corporate governance and oversight. I’m less likely to invest now because of major f@#% ups by nefarious financial corps playing monopoly with people’s money and their own accounting.

      Taxes don’t really act as a disinventive in the same way fees and onerous regulations do. Taxes just give people something to gripe about… and I, for one, do not have nearly enough to gripe about.

  4. I do love the rational discourse the trolls from the right wing bring to the table.

    It’s hard to understand why they have no credibility with the electorate, isn’t it?

  5. the far right becomes more shrill, desperate and incoherent as they grow more irrelevant to an evolving and increasingly enlightened electorate. as ignorance and fear wanes the ultra conservative’s power diminishes. their willful ignorance and attempts to promulgate disinformation are being met with equal force now that the public has awakened to their lies and the public is starting to talk back. they don’t like it.

    • Lizard

      if democrats don’t want to see the right back in power in four years, they would be well advised to pressure Obama to live up to his rhetoric. does Obama give a shit about the employee free choice act? doesn’t seem like he does. how about that transparency line? nope, he’s gonna go above and beyond Bush’s state secrets. supplemental military spending? sure, why the hell not. at least those dudes in Nevada killing people by remote control in Pakistan won’t lose their jobs any time soon.

      the electorate isn’t evolving and increasingly enlightened. they are angry and scared, and therefore primed to be exploited by some populist far-right comeback. best ignore the right, avoid unfounded platitudes about the electorate, and focus on holding the new prez’s feet to the fire.

      • yeah, liz. i’ll get barry on the bat phone to grill him and set him straight in my cave here as soon as you answer some questions.

        do you see any improvement at all in anything since obama has taken over the presidency-
        or do you think mccain would have done better?

        just asking because you seem to be obsessed with bringing everyone here down every time we get a hopeful. or is it just me?

        i believe in taking things one step at a time. try not to set unrealistic goals and try for some good changes one at a time; payday loans, universal health care etc. seems like there is growing willingness out there for folks to help each other and to work toward common goals of achieving more justice and fairness. seems like the newer generations are working steadily toward more enlightened and evolved ways of relating to each other. it is not a platitude. it is my observation. do you see a different trend than i do? if so, what is it?

        • Lizard

          what i see is a national rebranding campaign to hide a sickening degree of continuity, and Obama himself is the most brilliant example of that campaign. the great war on terror is now overseas contingency operations, and the tens of thousands of soldiers who WILL stay behind might not be called combat troops, but in a dangerous wreck of a country, i’m sure they will still be doing a little combat here and there.

          toxic assets are now legacy assets. that’s wonderful. i could take a shit and call it petunias, but how to account for the smell?

          even on the medicinal marijuana front, Obama said no more federal resources would be used to shut down dispensaries. that’s not happening, so either Obama is a liar, or he has no power. at this point i’m not sure which would be worse.

          i’m not trying to unnecessarily rain on anyone’s parade. today was a beautiful day, did some work in the garden, hung out with family, it was great.

          but i am horrified at TRILLIONS being handed to fraudulent criminals and BILLIONS wasted every month killing people who don’t deserve to die.

          honestly, i think it might have been better if McInsane had one, because it would have been easier to rally opposition, and i really don’t think his policies when it comes to money and war would have been all that much different than Obama’s.

          this economic crisis is an amazing opportunity to reexamine our national priorities, but instead of listening to different voices, Obama has selected sycophants and crooks to oversee their buddies, to ensure the status quo is maintained at all costs. that is not something i can, in good conscience, support.

  6. Lizard

    trying to unseat Rehberg seems like a waste of time and resources if the democratic party is unwilling or unable to acknowledge the centrist mistakes being made by its current leadership. pressuring Max to seriously consider a single payer health care system would be time better spent, imho.

    a true left wing in this country has been systematically clipped, which is why the employee free choice act will die an unglamorous death. while courting big business, democrats have taken labor for granted for way too long. that needs to change.

    now is the time to force the democratic party back to the left. the ideology of the right is temporarily discredited, but they will regroup, and democrats need to be ready.

    Obama is a centrist, like that smooth talking corporate fellator, Clinton, which might explain why “change” has featured so many pathetic retreads from the 90’s. if that’s the direction y’all want to keep travelin’, fine, but it’s a recipe for failure, and a clear invitation to get your clocks cleaned by the right when they successfully capitalize on the swelling populist rage currently gripping this nation.

    i don’t want to see that happen, and i don’t think anyone here wants to see that happen. my own failings in articulating my opinions shouldn’t negate the legitimate grievances i have with the way our economy and foreign policy is being mishandled. there is a lot of good reporting going on for anyone interested in broadening their perspective beyond Daily Kos and Huffington Post. Counterpunch, for starters, has been phenomenal in the scope of their criticism of the new administration.

    there use to be a real left wing in this country. maybe someday we’ll extract it from the memory hole and reapply to the disasters we’re facing.

  7. Anonymous Hairdresser

    Are these rumors about rehberg auctioning off the trimmings of his mustache to single housewifes true?

    My cousin’s girlfriend’s nephew’s friend said she heard from a hairdresser in Billings that everytime Denny Rehberg gets his mustache trimmed, a well-to-do camaro driving widow from somewhere in Yellowstone county pays 5,000 cash for the trimmings?

    Anyone know if this is true?

    If so, I bet Denny hasn’t paid taxes on this income, and Tyler Gernant would be the perfect guy to call him on it.

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    […] a Gernant supporter. Common sense is something that appeals to me, and Gernant has […]

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