Rep. Dennis Rehberg: Community Activist

by jhwygirl

From Rehberg’s Twitter:

Tea Parties all over Montana tomorrow – Watch my YouTube statement about why these efforts are so important: #tcot

  1. I recommend that progressives attend these tea parties and get photographs and/or video of:

    (1) All signs, banners, buttons, bumperstickers, tee/tea-shirts with slogans, pitchforks, etc.

    (2) Major speakers.

    (3) The crowd, from behind the speaker if possible. Shoot overlapping frames so that a panorama can be constructed. A panorama can provide fairly good estimates of how many attended.

    I’ve been photographing these events for years and never have been hassled.

    Check for images from the 4 April tea party in Kalispell.

  2. Lizard

    it’s pretty dumbfounding to listen to Rehberg, at this late stage in the game, get all indignant about deficit spending, but i think it illustrates my earlier point: don’t underestimate these opportunistic assholes and their ability to exploit a crisis.

    i found it very interesting that Rehberg mentioned the Federal Reserve, because there is a disturbing trend afoot to co-opt conspiratorial elements of the extreme right. i guess maybe they really are that desperate, but the scare thing is it might work.

    more oversight of the Fed would be great, but obviously Rehberg isn’t serious, it’s just part of the strategy: to dig deep into the fringe to pull out and utilize the most unsavory aspects of wingnut-ism.

    if republicans are allowed to frame and dominate popular opposition to the irresponsibility of Obama’s Golden Sacks treasury team, the important critiques offered by intelligent people from the real left will never be heard over the noise (please note i don’t include myself in the latter group)

    anyways, i figure tomorrow will be a pretty depressing day for everyone. you might as well bypass the IRS, and check make out the checks directly to the banks.

    by the way, how many billions in profit did Golden Sacks just make? and Wells Fargo is back kicking ass? well, i guess the recession is over then. right?

  3. Lizard

    i really should reread stuff before i hit that damn button

  4. Thomas Paine

    Is anyone really surprised that Rehberg is a teabagger?

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