that’s “t” for tantrum….


by problembear

the “t” party is being touted as a huge success by the wealthy right wing organizers who are hoping to avoid complete banishment to a permanent state of irrelevance in the changes sweeping accross america. these changes endanger the wealthy who have been pampered  and allowed to ransack our country with impuinity for the past eight years….

none of us likes the current situation, but adults must step in and take care of the economy. fortunately, we finally have someone in the white house and a majority in congress with the maturity to tackle the problems brought upon the american economy for too many years with unregulated greed by spoiled wealthy corporations and individuals. it is refreshing to see that congress and the president seem to be focused on doing the right thing for the middle class workers of america rather than pandering to these toddlers.

we heard you. now take a time out while responsible adults try to fix what that little brat bush and his playmate cheney left us….

  1. Lizard

    United States of Amnesia. that’s Gore Vidal’s term, and it fits. how else to explain this faux populist, hate-radio/fox fueled “protest” against…taxes and liberal politicians?

    in order to accomplish this mental feat of contrived indignation, the entirety of the past eight years must be consciously obliterated from memory.

    yes, it’s scary how easy folks can be herded, but divide and conquer works both ways.

    the above post highlights wealthy rightwing fundraisers, but omits the reality that wealthy neoliberals have successfully steered the democratic party so far away from its historical base, it’s virtually indistinguishable from the damaging policies those “wingnuts” on the right had no problem supporting (as long as it was their cowboy shitting on the constitution, spying on hippy activists, and wasting money killing the same people we starved with sanctions during the Clinton years, and helped Saddam terrorize before that).

    i watched the fox feed tonight, and the word bizarre doesn’t do the spectacle justice. instead of laughing at them (which seems to be the conditioned response from democrats) step back and admire the brazen strategy being employed here.

    if the consequences of this worthless theatre weren’t so serious, this tea-bag revolution would be the pinnacle of side-splitting hilarity.

  2. Mayor of Mayhem

    Lizard, Taxes are 10% lower now than when Reagan was president. The folks making over 250k are now back to the tax rate they were at when Clinton was president.I don’t really care if Warren Buffet gets a tax increase and I’m certainly not going out to protest on his behalf. The danger is right wing nutjobs are drinking the kool aid. Like the guy in Pittsburgn who shot 3 policemen because Obama was going to take his gun. Maybe someone should have taken his gun a few years ago.
    It occurs to me that the Republican party is really the party of fear. Afraid of government and tax reform. Afraid of gays getting married, Afraid of losing their guns,(because if they have a gun they can shoot the rest of the stuff they are afraid of).
    The perfect example of this fear is pre-emptive war. Let’s kill those who are different from us before they kill us. This assumes that the people we are killing are as afraid as we are. When our politicians respond to the real dangers in society and ignore the hype created by those with their own agendas our country will be a lot better off.
    When I see a union ironworker in Pittsburgh with teabags taped to his hardhat I wonder what he has been smoking.

    • Lizard

      Mayor, kool aid comes in different colors, red & blue.

      and fear isn’t an aspect of one particular party; it’s a non-partisan tool used primarily by the corporate media to keep people feeling afraid of exaggerated external threats.

      as for that union ironworker in Pittsburgh you mention with teabags taped to his hardhat, i don’t wonder what he has been smoking, i see his brainwashed support of this stupid shenanigan as clear evidence of how effective the media’s propaganda is.

      but i see the same evidence in democrats inability to acknowledge the continuity between an administration they demonized (rightly so, i believe) and the new administration they venerate.

      the situation sure is getting interesting. i’ll be curious if fox and friends can keep this manufactured momentum going for their flock.

  3. Lizard

    Glen Greenwald @ Salon
    has a great piece about the raging hypocrisy of the right banging their chests about Homeland Security issuing its warning about right wing extremists. here’s a snippet:

    I was in Minneapolis and St. Paul during the 2008 GOP Convention and witnessed first-hand massive federal police raids and “preventive” arrests of peaceful, law-abiding protesters and even the violent arrests of journalists, and I don’t recall any complaints from Jonah Goldberg or Michelle Malkin. I don’t recall Glenn Reynolds or Mark Steyn complaining that the FBI, for virtually the entire Bush administration, was systematically abusing its new National Security Letters authorities under the Patriot Act to collect extremely invasive information, in secret, about Americans who had done nothing wrong. Russ Feingold’s efforts to place limits and abuse-preventing safeguards on these Patriot Act powers in 2006 attracted a grand total of 10 votes in the Senate — none Republican.

    Indeed, thanks to the very people who are today petulantly complaining about politically-motivated federal police actions (now that they imagine it’s directed at them rather than at people they dislike), the Federal Government today has the power to eavesdrop on telephone calls and read the emails of American citizens without warrants; monitor bank records without court approval; obtain all sorts of invasive personal records, medical and financial, without Subpoenas; and obtain and store a whole host of other personal information about American citizens who have not been accused, let alone convicted, of having done anything wrong. Also thanks to them (and things like the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, the FISA Amendments Act, etc. etc), most of this is carried out without any real oversight or safeguards, left entirely to the judgment and good faith of federal officials to wield these powers carefully and for proper ends. And, better still, federal officials can hide behind sweeping claims of secrecy and National Security to prevent courts from scrutinizing what they did and determine if it was illegal (we call that “the state secrets privilege”).

  4. petetalbot

    The “tea baggers” have a right to their anger. The economy is whirling out of control and they can’t get a handle on why. It’s too bad their anger is so misdirected.

    I saw a lot of protest signs blaming our current situation on “socialism” or “socialist policies.” Not even close. If the powers that be were employing socialism, they’d have nationalized the banks and other financial institutions, and the auto industry, too. We’d also have single payer health care. None of that stuff is happening.

    Problem is, the “tea baggers” have no solution for solving our economic problems, nor does its “leadership.” It appears to me that congress and the administration are taking a rather moderate, Keynesian approach to our financial woes. The Milton Friedman school of economics, which was plied by the last administration, sure isn’t going to help.

    Of course, who wants to pay more taxes? Not me, particularly if my taxes are going to fund unconscionable wars — but it isn’t our tax code that got us into this mess. And as pointed out by Jay and Ezra Klein over at Left in the West, it’s a pretty fair system and for sure, the top 5% have no reason to bitch.

    Some of the signs at the event had so little to do with the problem at hand:

    “Say No to Socialism”

    “Free Markets, Not Freeloaders”

    “I’ll Keep My Guns and Money, You Keep the Change.”

    Socialism? Free Markets (isn’t that one of the reasons we’re in this mess?). I’ll keep my guns (huh?).

    It’s sad when folks get agitated for all the wrong reasons.

    • Lizard

      great comment, pete. i especially appreciate how you open up by saying The “tea baggers” have a right to their anger because they do. we all do. but the way some of these people regurgitate the word socialism is dismaying.

      there were other signs, though, like a few from libertarian camps, where criticism is more focused, and should be applauded instead of ridiculed. the federal reserve has loaned or pledged close to 13 trillion dollars, and there is absolutely no congressional oversight in how those funds are allocated. how is THAT not a rallying point for our anger?

      i think the ron paul splinter should actually be congratulated for remembering during bush’s ruinous reign what fiscal conservatism actually means. i don’t agree that the department of education should be abolished, but if his supporters could merge with left splinters who share a crucial anti-war/no foreign entanglement perception of our foreign policy, we could actually make some significant strides toward ending wars that are ethically dubious and financially unsustainable.

      as for those folks agitated for all the wrong reasons i guess they simply can’t fathom how a functioning govt’ really can keep its citizens healthy with universal health care, and our food supply safe with properly funded inspection agencies, and our bankers from bankrupting us by taking our money and gambling it away with competent oversight.

      and they really don’t get that bush spent eight years destroying the potential for govt’ to do its job right, and that the privatizing free market deregulation scam is over.

      there are big splinters on both sides of the political spectrum, and if they could see their common interests a viable third option really could emerge to oppose the two wings of our corporate oligarchy.

      and if we can’t, get ready to fight over the scraps.

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