Will They or Won’t They?

by jhwygirl

Will the legislature meet its constitutionally imposed 90 day deadline to get the budget done? Today’s Missoulian story on that subject is basically a rehashed story a’la 2007 – no fault of their own…I think we expect the legislators in Helena to kick things into a second session.

Now, rumors have been circulating the halls of the Capitol for just over two weeks now – that the legislature was going to break early to allow the fires that have started some time to cool down so that all that crazy talk can rest and some common sense can overtake like that of the cooperative nature we saw in the beginning days of the session.

But, alas, it’s kind of hard to quell crazy talk when the Governor is threatening to call a special session. It’s unnecessary, no? I mean, if they don’t get the budget done – and they know they have to do it – it’s not a secret or anything – then they come back for a special session..but saying “I don’t have a problem calling a special session,” just seems, well…showboating, no?

Then the Good Gov has to throw into that “threat” that he’ll “pick the hottest five days in June.The temperature inside will be about 90 degrees. That will speed things along.”

He added that he’d cut off the air conditioning as a energy-saving matter.

Wow…Now there’s incentive for these guys and gals, huh?!

5 days in June when the rest of Montana is out enjoying the sun and the mountains and the rivers? Just the environment for hashing out the most important piece of work that they have to get done.

Hell, I bet some of them are absolutely fine with the proposition.


HB2 is in committee hearing today at 10 a.m. This is where Healthy Montana Kids will be discussed, and it is expected that both House and Senate Democrats will hold the line and insist on full funding as approved by the voters.

I stand in support with House and Senate Democrats- threat of a second session or not. Let your legislative representation know, whether they be Republican or Democrat Call the Session Information Desk at 406-444-4800.

While your at it, Missoulians might want to leave a special message solely for Bill Nooney. As I mentioned in this previous post, Nooney might want to reconsider his vote against fully-funding Healthy Montana Kids, given the numbers. He won his election with a squeak of a margin, while I-155 (the bill that created Healthy Montana Kids) won Montana with a 76.6% majority.

You were elected to represent your entire district Nooney, and not your gravel-pit industry lovin’ you-know-what.

  1. goof houlihan

    The weeks the Legislature is in session is just one long defense against stupidity. And that’s not aimed at Bill, who I like and probably agree with many times, but who seems to have been spooked into acting like Ed Butcher.

    Ninety days, though, is far better than eight years…

  2. Every time Gov. Brian puts on his Big Boy Pants he sounds like Larry the Cable Guy, and I can’t take him serious.

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