Death Threats to No Votes on Secession Bill

by jhwygirl

Alternate title: How Dangerous is the Montana GOP? Answer: Very

I don’t know how much people have heard or read about Wednesday’s vote on HR3 (I ever-so-briefly mentioned it here), but as a result of the party-line 50-50 vote, Democrats are receiving nasty emails and death threats for their “no” vote.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Michael More, of Gallatin Gateway. HB3 was a reintroduced version of HJ26 which failed in committee and a blast motion on to the floor.

HB3 was presented at a “state’s rights” bill, but had overtones of secession and asserted that Montana was not subjected to the United States Constitution. James Conner, of Flathead Memo has a great piece up, history lesson and all, titled Will Montana fire on Fort Sumter? that should not be missed.

He also took the initiative to find out who the “horsetrading Democrat” was that let this thing ooze out of committee for the House floor vote: Great Falls’ Rep. Deb Kottel, which, sadly, is of little surprise.

Another great piece on the HB3 bill and subsequent vote is the UM School of Journalism’s The Session ’09 piece, titled Montana ‘state’s rights’ resolution fails on tied vote. That post includes some great background information and links to the out-of-state organizations supporting similar types of legislation elsewhere in the United States.

More is unapologetic about the “right-wing extremism” nature of the bills. From Molly Priddy’s piece:

“This is a debate that has been a long time coming,” More said. The resolution may be labeled as “right wing extremism,” but it really deals with states’ rights versus federal laws, he said, adding that secession is not the goal, but neither is it out of the question.

Priddy get’s even better from Laurel’s Rep. Krayton Kerns:

Rep. Krayton Kerns, R-Laurel, said though the resolution does not imply that Montana will secede from the union, there is always the possibility.

“(Secession) is the big stick in the room that we have to occasionally display,” Kerns said. “This resolution is a shot over the bow.”

Krayton Kerns sure does love waving the saber, doesn’t he?


This is your Montana GOP, folks. Make no mistake – not one Republican broke ranks on this bill (including Missoula’s HD-100 Rep. Bill Nooney). Even now, not even one senate Republican has spoken out against this dangerous nonsense.

Nor has Montana’s representation in Washington, Rep. Denny Rehberg.

The death threats? Two days of them, now, and still {crickets} from the Republicans.

Even conservative bloggers have been silent.

This is dangerous stuff, and had this bill made it into the Senate (and I guess we should be thankful to Kottel for her “no” vote on the floor, right?), there is no telling what might of happen.

This type of persistent – remember, this bill was attempted twice, in two versions – unabashed and unapologetic “right-wing extremism” should not be welcomed. It should be drawn out, exposed, talked about and openly condemned.

Not just by Democrats, but by Republicans too.

  1. if you can’t win a presidential election and you lose a billion seats in congress because your party has failed so badly that the american voters kick you out of power this is apparently the solution that some thick-necked and small-brained montana republican legislators have taken a shine to….rather than pitching in to help folks who are out of work or kids without health insurance these idiots choose to grand stand a political ploy for media attention.

    we need legislators who are serious about fixing problems and who are willing to work with others to help their constituents survive the Bush crash. we don’t need any more grand standing. enough of the bullshit over there in Helena. it is time to act like adults and do the right thing for montana for once. i hope that the mature legislators who know how to lead will not be derailed by this stupidity any more. there isn’t much time left.

  2. Angry

    I assume you meant HR3 and NOT HB3. Do try to at least get the correct bill.

    The FEDs need to be reminded that Montana did not give up all rights back in 1889. These unfunded mandates and holding FED hiway dollars over the heads of all Montanans if we do not roll over and be obedient to our FED masters has got to stop.

    Even though there were democrats in favor of this bill, as usual, the leadership told them how to vote and they blindly followed as they are unable to think for themselves or vote the way they really want. How pathetic.

  3. Pronghorn

    You can read HR3, a meaningless resolution and a blustering piece of tripe, here

    I agree with you, though…this crap is intended to be divisive and confrontational, and to create an aggressive, obstructionist, militant mood at a time when cooperation is desperately needed.

    Interestingly, the resolution includes the MT tribes as sovereigns–wouldn’t it be a hoot if an unintended consequence was that Anglos had to give back all the ill-gotten land they stole from MT American Indians? Well, I can dream, can’t I???

  4. Ruthlmm

    Just a quick note of clarification. This is about “secession” not “succession,” right?
    Two decidedly different issues.
    (re: Typos in J-girl’s initial post)

    – Ruthie

  5. “The death threats? Two days of them, now, and still {crickets} from the Republicans.

    Even conservative bloggers have been silent.”

    One would have to be aware of something in order to comment on it. Where are you hearing of legislators receiving death threats?

  6. Contact House security who will absolutely verify that there have been threats made.

    I trust that once you are aware of it from an official source, you might have something to say?

  7. Widowmaker

    Even the blogs are not immune from the crazies. I say there is a 50/50 split between the death threats from the left and the right. Does everybody remember this. Some guy going nuts on Stevens. It STILL freaks me out:

  1. 1 Drive-by blogging… | MT Pundit

    […] posted here then re-posted over here, a MT blogger makes completely unfounded accusations of death threats […]

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