How Progressive Are You?

by jhwygirl

Take the test.

I scored 315.


  1. Anon

    Somehow I am not surprised. I’m certainly glad that you do not have the power to affect my wallet via all the social programs you obviously support.

    I scored a 150.

    • I’m sure the main difference is that you are pro-life, while I am pro-healthcare.

      • Anon

        I am not pro either one. It’s your life and you are responsible for it. Do with it as you please but don’t ask me to bail you out for your bad decisions. Don’t forcibly take my money to give to someone else. If I want to give to charity to help the less fortunate, I will do so voluntarily. (and I do – but I would give more if I had a say in where/how it was spent and the government left me a little more to give).

        • We may agree on a few things. I haven’t liked it, either, that my money has been taken from me forcibly for an illegal war in Iraq.

          • Anon

            You are correct – I agree 100% with you on that one.

            I would also say the US does not need over 700 military bases in over 130 countries around the world. We have enough problems here without going out looking for more and inviting trouble.

          • You mean temporary bases, right? Because permanent bases would be illegal.

            At least I think so.

            Laws. Who needs ’em.

    • Cosmic Cowboy

      I scored 340

  2. bonkrood

    Wow I got a 346. I’m practically a socialist! Kick me out of Montana!

  3. 309. which is too high to cling to my belief that i am middle of the road….apparently my resistance to labeling myself as progressive is more out of contrariness than actual disagreements with progressives….(with probably at least 50-60 points attributed to lingering resentment over bush/cheney policies)

  4. JC

    I got 39/40 right.

    A 97.5% gives me an “A” for predicting what CAP thinks the progressive value is. Right?

  5. 362.

    But I am a little feverish. That might explain my temporary radicalism. Normally, I’m sure I check in at 182. :)

  6. goof houlihan


    That’s four points higher than “men” scored. But I’m close, I guess.

  7. 304. So much for my hippy cred.

  8. helen k

    20/20 so I guess I don’t need glasses

  9. Thomas Kent

    327 here.

  10. Ayn Rand

    106 too high

  11. 328… I think religious/military questions have a larger impact on your score, because I agreed with some of the more conservative economic choices.

    Oh well. Gotta get to my FlagBurning/Abortion/GayPride Rally over at the Union Hall.

  12. deb


    I guess that shows that I’ve gotten more conservative as I’ve aged…..

  13. 338. Which apparently makes me a moderate at the b’birds.

  14. Lucky

    311, I’m bummed that I scored lower than jh, but then I didn’t use 0 or 10 because I also score high in lazy.

  15. Matthew Koehler

    Only 323…I tried to avoid the 0 or 10 for just about most of them, so maybe that had something to do with my “low” score. Does this mean I lose my eco-terrorist card?

  16. petetalbot

    Jeez, I only scored 294. Palin in 2012!

  17. JC


    This time I got a 10–39/40 looking for the conservative values. I can’t seem to figure out which one I get wrong.

    Probably #12. The one about not criticizing the president or military when at war. But I can’t figure out if it’s ok to do that now if you’re a conservative and Obama’s president, and it wasn’t ok when Bush was president. Maybe CAP hasn’t figured in flip-flopping for this one yet.

    Must know where I’m failing the conservative litmus test.

    • LOL, you don’t actually understand the Conservative POV…you just answered the questions to the opposite as you normally would.

      Try and actually think about the “opposite” answer. Ask yourself “why” would anyone think “that way”. Good luck =)

  18. widowmaker

    It got a 53/400…seems high =)

    • OK – I have to say this to all of you proudly near the 100 line and below: Isn’t that bordering on fascism? You had to intentionally work for that kind of score.

      • Widowmaker

        I actually didn’t work, I honestly answered all of the questions. And, its far far far away from fascism. I I just answered the questions that gave me the most freedom and opportunity to live my life. Free from government, and corporate control. Yours mirrors fascism much more than mine fyi…

  19. the authors of the poll say that most people fall in the 225 percentile. the middle seems conspicuously absent….hmmm.
    is it just apathy?

    • goof houlihan

      Good observation, problembear.

      There’s me and Charles.

      No wonder all we elect these days is the far left and the far right. The legislature and the Congress surely do demonstrate exactly what we see in this survey.

  20. Charles

    171…yep…a moderate pro choicer is me.

  21. I guess I’m a slacker – only 289.

  22. annie get your gun

    (singing) anything you can do i can do better…. i can do anything better than you…

    gee I think its nice that we can all one up one another on how progressive or NOT progressive we are… that is a totally unique experience.

    • AGYG –

      You don’t know how unique it is to me – I live in AZ.

      Here, the GOP (which controls both chambers of the lege and the governor’s office) spends its time trying to out-wingnut each other.

      It’s so bad that they consider John McCain (John freakin’ McCain!!) to be too liberal and are running anti-immigrant fanatic Chris Simcox against him for his Senate seat next year.

      This thread was awesomely heartening.

  23. Big Swede

    Late to the party got a 84, damn, Rusty and Ripley beat me.

  24. Jim Lang

    hmm, 365…. am I really the most radical poster here?

  25. Lizard

    how progressive do y’all think Arlen Specter is? or, for that matter, the BIG O himself?

  26. Thomas Paine

    340. Government’s not the only solution, but these days when it’s the Party of No that’s the alternative, it’s time to try it a completely different way.

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