what a maroon…..


by  problembear

the republicans who are so weak they couldn’t stop serious health care reform now if they tried,  must be sipping champagne with their friends in the health insurance field now thanks to the democrats…..

who needs to win elections when you can get the party who defeated you to do all your heavy lifting? ….so much for affordable health care thanks to max baucus and those dopey democrats who are more than happy to do whatever the republicans want to get some watered down piece of crap passed this year. even though democrats will probably have a super majority in the senate by the time this sausage is ground into tasteless cardboard masquerading as health care reform the democratic committee working on this is locking out universal single payer option. they insist on leaving us at the mercy of  1700 or more health insurance weasels and their shell game of assorted plans guaranteed to leave you holding the bag….only this time they’re going to MAKE us buy the insurance OR ELSE!

i would  like a show of hands. all those who have private health insurance- how many of you trust these weasels with your health care and the health care of your kids? and grandkids? and all you employers out there, better pucker up because there is NO SOUP FOR YOU! you can expect the premiums for your emplyees to keep on increasing until they drive you out of business or you just stop offering it….(after all, we should all just be happy to have jobs) so they can force us to hand over huge chunks of our paychecks to pay for the increasing premiums for our new mandatory health insurance plans that already turn us down at every claim anyway…won’t that be fun kids?

because if max baucus gets his way decent affordable health care will only be for the wealthy. you’ll be required to pay for private insurance that denies claims and denies coverage for pre-existing conditions but, thanks to a generous lifetime health insurance plan for senators  of course – the senator and his family will be quite comfortable taking their sniffles to the mayo clinic with no copayments and 100% coverage….while you and your family end up bankrupt after a heart attack or expensive cancer treatments thanks to crappy coverage by these charlatans. isn’t foreclosure fun kids?

enjoy it because if we don’t get it right this time, it will be another 30 years of reading two year old magazines in the waiting room while the wealthy are rushed through ahead of you….because those with the gold still make the rules…..

no matter what party they represent…

    • somehow i knew you would stop by to gloat, swede.
      enjoy your champagne while you can, but with any luck the SS pretend health care bill will run aground this session so that honest health care reform can take place next year.

      everybody here knows you already have a gold-plated health plan, swede. most of the rest of us here don’t have a chance in hell of getting decent affordable health care, but what do you care?

      all you want is less taxes no matter who else gets hurt. your kind is dying out swede and so is baucuses kind. the people who work hard in this country for less and less will eventually have their day.

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