Kentucky is “Experimenting” with Poisonous Gas

by jhwygirl

Funny that the other name many use for Montana is Montucky.

Poisonous gas = CO2

From McClatchy, Kentucky passed (in a 2007) a bill which included $1.5 million in funding for experimental drilling to see if underground storage of CO2 was a viable possibility.

Sure it is – with both Illinois (it doesn’t say how much) taxpayer money; with Kentucky taxpayers $1.5 million; with the Tennessee Valley Authority’s money (a quasi-governmental agency) and privateer E.ON U.S.’s funding, which owns Kentucky Utilities.

The McClatch article links to a Lexington-Herald-Leader article with this lovely gem:

“Imagine a jar of marbles,” said Brandon Nuttall, a geologist with the geological survey. “The spaces between the marbles — that’s where the CO² will go.”

And that’s where, if the scientists are right (emphasis added), it will stay.

I wonder how often, when experimenting, that scientists are right.

This Is Reality is one of many media campaigns directed towards the myths of clean coal. They point out that “According to a recent “60 Minutes” report and an analysis by The Center for American Progress, the coal industry’s investment in CCS (coal carbon sequestration) technology amounts to a paltry two cents on every dollar of profit — or less.”

In other words – and exhibited by both the the Kentucky article and Governor Schweitzer’s inking of SB498 – the coal industry, knowing that EPA regulations are imminent, want taxpayer welfare to support their industry. The Department of Energy is, according to the Kentucky article, kowtowing to their desires.

Tell me – do we put billions (maybe trillions – watch that 60 Minutes video) of taxpayer dollars into and unproven scary quest to sequester a poisonous gas in the ground under our feet, or do we spend taxpayer dollars in search of newer, cleaner energy possibilities and the 100’s of 1,000’s of jobs that come with newer technology?

If you need a reason to choose the latter, check this post out.

I promise you will be inspired.

  1. D T Taylor

    Imagine that. All of these years I thought I had been simply exhaling when I was actually emitting a poison gas. How frightening!!

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