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by jhwygirl

Disgusting. Shameful. Reprehensible.

Montana’s complicity in this is beyond any possible justification. I don’t know how to express more disgust.

Montana Department of Livestock officials are in full attack mode at Horse Butte this week, “managing” bison, and the Buffalo Field Campaign has several videos exposing the reprehensible activities of these state-paid officials harassing wild Yellowstone bison on conservation easement land near West Yellowstone.

If you or I or any rancher were to manage their livestock this way, we’d be arrested.

Watch this video as helicopters swoop low over bison with their young calves. Watch as a cow bison protects her calf, struggling with a broken leg – injured as a result of the Department of Livestock’s air and ground assault – from further harassment by a Department of Livestock official on horse.

Rob and Janae Galanis bought 800 acres on Horse Butte in 2007 with the intention of preserving as much open space for bison as financially possible. Horse Butte has always been a gathering area in the spring for bison, and Galanis was well aware of the history of the Montana Department of Livestock entering the area to harass bison. He sought to bring an end to that.

In 2007 Galanis told the Department of Livestock that he intends to file trespass charges against the department should they enter the property. I wish he would, on the grounds that the current plan is no plan at all – that overwhelming evidence both in Montana and Wyoming show that managing bison has no effect on halting brucellosis transmission and that until an effective plan is in place, entering onto his property under the guise of “management” is nothing more than fraud.

Fraud. Criminal.

Brucellosis has been found in both Montana and Wyoming in the last year – and Montana lost its brucellosis-free status last June after two cases were found in the space of one year.

Horse Butte is isolated, and no cattle graze there.

Brucellosis is transmitted by body fluids – and bison are hazed under an assumption that the afterbirth leaves brucellosis virus in areas where cattle graze. The problem with that “logic” (and I use that term facetiously) is that bison birth from mid-April through mid-May. Cattle can’t utilized public grazing lands until mid-June. By then the afterbirth has been returned back to nature by the activities of coyotes and ravens and eagles who feed on those remains.

Bulls can not transmit brucellosis

Governor Schweitzer? You threatened to pull out of the interagency bison management plan last July. The time is now. Stop the insanity. Stop the waste of state funds. Stop this cruel embarrassment now.

(There’s plenty more written on these pages about the insanity of the state’s brucellosis management. Start here.)

by jhwygirl

From today’s speech:

The era of apologizing for Republican mistakes of the past is now officially over.

Really? “Era of apologizing”? Someone, please – when did I miss this?

We have turned the corner on regret, recrimination, self-pity and self-doubt.

Whaaa? Still missing that “regret, recriminatation, self-pity and self-doubt thing…

We are not going to be silent. We are going to speak up.

You haven’t exactly been sitting around mute…

He’s taking us in the wrong direction and bankrupting our country… We will and we must stand against his disastrous policy…. We’re going to take this president on with class. We’re going to take this president on with dignity

Now, that would be a change in direction, that “class” thing…

Steele went on to deride the “classless and shabby way” that Democrats challenged former President George W. Bush.


Look – the Republican party is in shambles. Steele knows it. He can’t keep Cheney under control – the man recently chose Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell as a leader of the party during a Face the Nation appearance – and well all know that Rush is really heading up policy direction. No one’s in charge, and I don’t know how much of it is Steele’s fault. It seems to me, given the respect he’s been garnered, that he was picked not to lead, but to provide a new “face” to the party more than anything else.

And that’s a shame. Steele’s way too conservative to me, to be clear – but by all indications he’s an intelligent man, carries himself well, and is, well, a Republican.

Let me go one step further – I have a much better interest in seeing the Republican party fall part than I do in seeing it save itself. In some ways, it’s entertaining…but we voted for change, and this dysfunction we are seeing in the Republican party is taking away from the real work at hand. Get yer you-know-what together, or blow-up already. We all need to move on.

It comes down to a simple thing – something I mentioned on Saturday, via a link to Margaret and Helen, the blogging grandmothers – change is inevitable, and life goes on. The two are intrinsically related….and neither can be avoided.

Someone better tell the Republican party – whoever that is anymore.



by problembear

i did today. and if you are one of your credit card companies better customers (always pay on time, keep your balance low) you will get it soon too….isn’t this fun?

guess this is how they show us their gratitude for bailing them out…. 

of course they are just trying to make as much money as possible before the  new credit card law before congress is enacted. my capital one card went from 8.5% to 26.8% . i know – let’s play a fun game and compare to see who gets the highest interest rate this week! c’mon it’ll be fun…

my good friend john callahan was right; modern american business knows no shame…

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