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by problembear

Bill Moyers Journal on PBS aired an indepth look at single payer last night. (update) since this program aired bill moyers has a poll on the obama/baucus health reform plan up on his website. you can watch the program if you missed it and vote here. they also have an easy way to submit comments if you want to add your 2 cents to what america is saying about this. so far people are not pleased about mr baucus’s plans. the early word is that max baucus is the number 9 pin and it’s a strike!

the albany times union newspaper has gone on record as supporting at least looking a single payer and giving it a place at the table.

do not miss this if you like to watch train wrecks… you just gotta see  this program before the so-called listening meetings with baucus aides next week. donna smith is especially compelling and they address most of our frustrations with dealing with health insurers.

i also find compelling and ominous this post over at piece of mind by the ever incorrigible but eminently logical mark t. read it and get fired up before max crams this stinking mess down our throats and makes us swallow….say aaaahhhh! 

wait- don’t run away max…we only want to talk….after all. what’s the harm in talking to your constituents?

if i am able i’ll take a few minutes out of my work day to attend the so-called baucus aides listening session here in missoula cause i like train wrecks and i like to think that a majority of citizens still means something in this country. but there is no excuse at all for not allowing single payer to be on the table. it is embarrassing behavior for a senator from montana to act like this and it should not be tolerated without letting max know how you feel about it as a citizen of montana. see you all on tuesday morning at 10:00am at St Pat’s. i hope they have a lot of seats cause i think they are going to need them.

update saturday; after watching moyer’s piece on single payer last night it is clear that the baucus plan is too corrupt for me to support. see what you think after listening to this lady.

donna smith makes a compelling case for single payer. and i have heard no argument thus far which would allow me to support the contaminated with corruption baucus health care arguments for the uniquely american solution- which is designed to funnel more money to the powerful interests who bribe our politicians while patients and the doctors and nurses who care for us just get screwed all over again.

seems to me it is always politically feasible for congress to bail out big banks and wall street investors but when it comes to even looking at a plan which would provide guaranteed health care to it’s working middle class supported by over 60% of the people suddenly max says it just won’t pass….

bears have simple rules; if it doesn’t pass the smell test – don’t eat it!

makes me ask this question; is it just me or does something not smell right about what max is dishing out here?……


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