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by problembear

it turns out that my work day schedule which involves providing necessary supplies to a non-profit serving the needy will not permit my attending the so-called listening session  at 10:00 am tomorrow (tuesday) at St Patrick’s hospital in Missoula by senator max baucus’s aides….

so i hope this testimony will be entered into the record: (i will submit a copy of this under my name etc to the senator’s office.) i post it here because i want it to be listened to.

dear senator baucus and members of the finance sub-committee:

re: Health Care Reform

i am in sole support of single payer universal health care as the one sensible solution for cleaning up the mess that has become our health care crisis in this country. insurance companies have made a mess of things by denying claims and creating so many exclusions that most of us who are insured live in constant fear of getting sick for fear that we will be fraudulently denied the coverage we are paying too much for. it is clear that the companies are driving the discussion by your committee because they contribute to your campaigns millions of dollars each year to influence your votes. denying single payer advocates a place at the table is beyond brazen. it is corruption of the process of government and should not and will not be tolerated by the majority of americans who favor single payer universal health care.

single payer universal health care is not being seriously considered by this committee in my opinion because it would put private health insurers out of business. period.  and that is a mistake, because after the way these companies have behaved the past 30 years toward their clients -the workers and businesses who support them, they should be put out of business for greed and corruption.

all accross this country everyone has a story about being denied access to health care by their insurance company or knows someone who has. this rampant greedy behavior has contributed to thousands of needless deaths, over 50% of the nation’s bankruptcies and untold  foreclosures.  the greedy insurer’s behavior is rampant and abusive. so much so that doctors and nurses who are charged with taking care of patients are uniting to push for single payer. why? because they are tired of argueing with our insurance companies to be able to provide us with necessary and recommended health care before they can minister to us. insurers are playing “doctor” with our lives and the lives of our families by questioning our doctor’s judgements and getting in the way of caring for the ill and injured.

this system of private insurers has created a hellish tight rope walk for your citizens senator- i hope you listen finally now and allow single payer advocates to come to the table and state our case.

thanks for patronizing us with your belated decision to “listen” senator by providing aides at these meetings accross montana. i am not a million dollar contributor to your campaign, just a citizen who fears that after working all my life, a single major health care issue could ruin me and the ones i love who rely on the moving target shell game that private insurance has become for most of us. i also fear that by giving private insurers even more power over us with your blatantly slanted white paper that things will only get worse for us workers who are covered by employers.

i join the doctor’s and nurses you had arrested at your hearings in supporting nothing less than a health care plan which includes a strong component  of single payer and will work toward it’s defeat if it resembles what you have been dishing out to us so far. and i believe you will need a lot more police if you try to cram private insurance down our throats with compulsory IRS enforced provisions.

yours truly,

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