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by jhwygirl

I must say I’ve been remiss in my normal scrutiny of city council’s doin’s – for some time now – but I did happen to catch the ‘comments from council’ portion of last Monday’s public hearing, and I was left wondering a couple of things…

There were some comments criticizing the anonymous zoning petition. What I heard was a criticism of the anonymous nature of the thing…but the thing is, the Indy’s Jesse Froehling revealed about a month ago that Dick Haines, John Hendrickson, and about 3 or 4 more (as in “probably 5 or 6 of us”) were involved in the now not-so-anonymous petition.

That wasn’t the first time I had heard about the “anonymous” petition. People don’t read the Indy? I’ve had, probably all told, at least 5 people approach me about that anonymous petition. People: Read the Indy! I do, and I’m smarter for it.

Pete did a post on the anonymous petition, which included a link to the office of planning & grants’ response to the petition.

I also caught some ranting by Ward 2’s John Hendrickson, on the subject of last year’s budget – the semantics of whether he had proposed specific cuts or whether he had proposed some sort of concerted plan or talking points. First my mind went to “last year’s budget???” but then as he continued, I wondered how he could put forth such a blatant untruth. We blogged here last year about the specific randomness of Hendrickson’s proposed cuts….and even live-blogged the FY2009 budget approval hearing – much of which is verbatim – which illustrates the thoughtfulness behind Ward 2 Councilperson John Hendrickson’s approach to last years budget.

John Hendrickson has, too, an issue with the Indy, but as this past week’s editorial points out, Hendrickson’s issue is likely one that is in search of his own political capital via bashing on the feigned inaccuracies of the Indy more so than it is about the budget or actually getting some work done.

If anything, Hendrickson’s mayoral bubble has been burst – not that he ever had a chance – and quite possibly his own re-election. Someone is to blame, and for Hendrickson, that someone is the Indy.

On the other hand – it’s budget season, everyone! That means, it’s time for John Hendrickson to shine. Gonna free me up some room on that DVR, ’cause we’re always up for some good quotes during budget discussions!



by problembear

i am proud of missoula montana today….

our senior senator’s staff got an earful today in missoula about how angry people are about the health care insurance industry. we told max that we are tired of the games, the lies, the cheating and the complicated rules designed to keep us from getting health care when we need it. they just want the premiums- not the liability- and that is what we are to them- liabilities.

as far as the politics goes- i get that too. i read the democratic platform and i listened to obama say what he was going to propose during the election campaign. i voted democrat as a registered independent because compared to bush2 mcsame and his bimbo vp it was an easy pick. i also know why democrats are afraid of going too far. even though they probably have enough votes to push single payer universal health care through- they won’t. we will be handed some type of hybrid that offers a component of public health care.

it will still leave us with a thousand or so private insurers and hundreds of other health plans – each with it’s own rules and paperwork. it will still be a maze of choices that we will need to navigate, but i have one question for montanans- remember when we used to have a great utility in this state called Montana Power? remember when the argument for breaking it up was that more choices will drive prices down? competition will be good for the consumer? remember that?

do you really think that anyone believes that garbage anymore?

the democratic party leadership is going to do what it will do and it has nothing to do whatsoever with the will of the people. it has nothing to do with government of the people and for the people … is all about building the base of support for the democratic party and to do this they fear handing the republicans any ammunition to stage a comeback. it is not enough to win now. the democrats want to grind the republicans into dust  for infinity and to do it they are more than happy to throw  decent health care reform under the bus. i have no love for the republican party after what bush/cheney did to us but i am sorry- i cannot support what the democratic leadership wants over the will of the great majority of americans regarding health care. i am an american first. i believe that the will of the majority should be at least consulted if not adhered to. that is my bottom line. single payer univeral health care is the choice of most americans. we’re fed up with insurance rip-offs.

i guess it remains to be seen what is the choice of the democratic leadership. there are many more hearings to go and this drumbeat of single payer will not quit.  but if i were a betting bear i would say at least we have shamed them into pledging to throw over 60% of americans a tiny scrap  called public health insurance. let’s hope it works and let’s also hope it devours the private insurance parasites. because if we don’t devour them. the health insurers will surely devour us.

oh and while we are hating on the parasites, let’s remember the carriers that want to keep us suffering without even a little reform….good lord, are the republicans trying to make everyone hate them??? matt does a nice post on this here at litw…

update: here’s a good post on the baucus 13 that should settle who is really interested in providing affordable and good quality health care in this country today…it sure as hell isn’t the government or the insurance industry…

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