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by problembear

are you listening senator baucus? can you hear the far-off rumble of discontent? it is getting louder every day. i can hear it in people’s comments when they stand up in missoula montana and begin to question the leaders of both parties in government about the direction this country is going in, and i find it interesting that health care reform seems to be the last straw here in middle america ….the line in the sand…..and the final breaking point of the patience of the great majority in this country who have been waiting 10 long years to be heard by our government…..

 the people spoke in ’06 when we elected a democratic congress to get our servicemen and women out of the middle east and back home. that hasn’t happened yet….the people spoke in ’08 when we elected more democrats to congress and a democratic president so that we could level the playing field that was becoming increasingly the territory of huge corporations and the wealthy elite who ran our economy into the ground ….

instead, our overwhelmingly democratically elected congress and president continues to pander to lobbyists interests and ignores the will of the people with weak excuses and a shrug that tells us that the democrats are in the pocket of the wealthy elite and the corporations as much as the republicans are….i could hear  the grumbling earlier from the far left  but the great majority was relatively quiet until now….

now that senator baucus has ruled out single payer from the equation of health care reform….people are getting up in his listening sessions and saying WTFDYTYA senator baucus?…we are the people and we want to be heard on this….we want single payer on the table and we want guaranteed health care and we have taken all we can take of your meally mouth excuses and your weak-spined proclamation that single payer can’t  pass.

you aren’t defying the easily ignored far left anymore when you say single payer can’t  pass,  senator. you are defying the great majority of the american people and we don’t know how to quit when you’ve made us mad. now that we are mad you have not even begun to see the outrage that is welling up at kitchen tables all over america senator. talk is building like a quiet magma chamber out here in middle america senator -talk like “apparently there is plenty of money to bail out the investors and the banks but when it comes to health care workers and the middle class we are shafted again by big business interests and we are sick of it”….. ” we are willing to fight for single payer universal health care whether you and the committee want to hear us or not”….and yes- we are willing to pay for it too…just for the love of god give us a plan that we can trust will actually cover us when we need it- no more insurance weasels- period. they have worn out their welcome by ripping us off for too long….

because we here resolve that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom and shake itself loose from the shackles of the wealthy elite and the corporations who fill your campaign coffers….we are the people senator – the majority of the american people want single payer universal health care  and we resolve that finally this government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth…….in a sea of red tape and corporate lobbyists bribes.

this saturday may 30th  there will be mass demonstrations in at least 50 cities accross the country. i suggest you pull up a chair with mr obama and watch it and listen to what the people are telling you….this is not about party affiliation or loyalty- we are loyal to america first – not parties or corporations or the people who bribe you to do their bidding. if we are to continue as a great nation and i believe we will,  the will of the people must be first in your considerations. because if you do not, i feel this volcano of frustration that is building in middle america will erupt and overtake both parties. people will unite for the people in the next election and to hell with democrat or republican.

if you ignore us senator, then all the party leadership of both parties had better start scoping out some higher ground because a volcano of pent up frustration is coming  your way. i have never seen montanans this riled up about anything in all the years i have lived here…and when you rile up montanans senator…watch out for the rest of the country!

by the way congratulations to missoula’s own michael moore of the Missoulian for being linked in the michael moore (the movie producer’s)blog for his story about the baucus aides health care reform listening session … is a fine piece of journalism and is being picked up everywhere on the web. be sure and hang out there long enough to read some of the comments the missoulian got on their story….i found this one particularly poignant….

Patty Herrick wrote on May 28, 2009 2:30 PM: ” It took the likes of Max Baucus to change me from a lifelong Democrat (61 voting years) to an Independent. “

this story is an excellent example of why we need to support our local newspapers –  the mainstream national tv news media is ignoring the will of the people regarding health care because they are beholdin’ to the prescription drug companies. (just watch the commercials during katy couric’s fluff and puff and see for yourself) our local newspapers are all we have left to tell our story…..

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