if i were you i would try a different approach….


by problembear

the people are in a pretty ugly mood these days regarding health care reform as evidenced by the vehement local rejection of  the baucus plan, so montana’s republicants thought they would strike while the iron was hot and came out yesterday with their recycled vote suppressor champion jake eaton and a handful of brain-dead zombies dumb enough to follow him anywhere….

are you guys kidding me?….this is the best you could come up with? hire a retread party henchman to tell the people who  have just overwhelmingly spoken out angrily in half the newspapers in the state that they do not trust health insurers that they should just trust private insurers and not the government?- well yes i could see the logic of that argument if your fallen leader bush were still in charge of the government….but i will throw my lot gladly with the government before i would trust that snakepit full of vipers the republicants are shilling for…talk about picking the right moment to say exactly all the wrong things….

for a while there i thought that the people would have to fight a two front battle to get decent health care reform…on one side – our own democrat controlled congress who appear either too timid to do the right thing…or too bribed by the health insurers to do the right thing….and the party of no brains at all….

you guys really are tone deaf and i am thankful for it…..as the sadly diminishing party of the headless right wing elephant sinks quietly into the tarpits of it’s old fossilized beliefs, the country moves on and ignores them….but as we pass by and the sad pathetic tattered remnants of die-hard right wingers  continue to flail helplessly, their ineffectual screaming annoying as it is fades into a slap-stick comedy with the circle of the lens getting smaller and smaller while a pig that looks like rush limbaugh says th.th..that’s all folks!!!!……..somewhere else in my flickering memory banks of the surreal that has evolved into montana politics i see that andy sipowicz is muttering  your epitaph….if i were you i would have tried a different approach…

but i am certainly glad you didn’t….this is so much more entertaining.

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