Someone Tell Rehberg

by jhwygirl

Honestly, I don’t know why we aren’t pushing on Montana’s soon-to-be-former Representative Dennis Rehberg about health care reform. Why should he get a pass? He and his party have yet to put anything forward at all. They talk about it, though. Rehberg has been silent, save for a promising to talk about talking about reform. His party has attack ads out – plenty of time and money to do that – but a plan? A white paper? A report? Anything?

All I hear are crickets…..Of course, one never knows – maybe he’s sleeping on some couch somewhere.

Could be anywhere.

It is entirely possible that Rehberg needs information from some other source than Fox News, so before ya’all close out your week and shut off that computer and pack the pens in the top drawer, consider sending him an email and letting him know that Montanans want health care reform and that it has to be real reform that ensures everyone has access to adequate health care. Much like the access and coverage that he and his 434 cohorts in the House of Representatives have.

You’ve contacted Baucus. You’ve contacted Tester. Probably more than once…and if you haven’t, you better do that too while you are at it….but yes – we got another one out there in Washington D.C., even though we rarely hear from Rehberg unless he’s running around the state handing out stimulus checks resulting from legislation he didn’t vote for.

If you can’t email, give Rehberg a call at one of his four local offices around the state – Missoula, Billings, Helena, and Great Falls – or you can use his toll-free number 1-888-232-2626.

Keep it short – don’t want to overwhelm the guy…he’s going to have to warm up to the idea, trust me.

I suggest you start with these facts:

Sixty percent of all bankruptcies are from medical bills.
That figure is up more than 50% from 2001.
AND – this one is the kicker folks…

Go ahead. Seriously. I bet, all told, that phone call or email will take less than 180 seconds. 3 minutes. And then The Kettlehouse is calling you and you can go there and feel that much better about leaving work a little early.

Just think of how much he’d love to hear from you. I bet his staff would enjoy it too.

  1. Jim Lang

    I’m willing to bet $100 right now that Rehberg will vote against this year’s attempt at health care reform no matter what ends up being in the final bill.

    Any takers?

  2. Sent a message. Will give denny’s staff credit though for a decent website. Pretty user friendly compared to our two senators. How bout entering the 21st century there max and jon?

  3. Barry

    Dennis Rehberg is a joke. He’s been there how long? And what the hell has he done? Wasn’t his biggest accomplishment in congress helping a town celebrate its birthday?

    We need folks to represent MT who will do more than just help themselves get rich while the rest of us struggle.

    I also do not like his real-estate-tycoon mustache.

  4. Barry

    Now that I think of it… Why not get our awesome progressive Mayor John Engen to run!

    He just had a fundraiser in Missoula where White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina made an appearance… He also made a big splash in Helena at Mansfield Metcalf, and raised somewhere near 3,000 bucks at a Baucus/Bullock fundraiser.

    I couldn’t think of a candidate that better represents what we as progressives stand for in Missoula. Someone get our loveable Mayor to challenge rehberg so we can get something done on a progressive ticket! We need birkenstocks in Washington, not finely-polished cowboy boots.

    • there’s that pesky east side of the state Barry. tough for a progressive to find much traction there in a statewide race – especially one from missoula. ask pat williams though- perhaps there is a way….flathead and bitterroot aren’t much help either. get out of missoula and listen to folks. tough duty for a progressive candidate out there. i think john could carry missoula easy, butte and great falls. outside of that – problematic.

      better to find a jon tester type- from the east side. farmer not lawyer would be best. somebody with a little experience talking to folks in miles city, billings and chester would be good…..

      personally, i think louise cobell would be great. tied to the land. a real battler and a fresh breath of air back in washington. i would work hard for louise against rehberg….

      john engen would be better off waiting until 2013 to win a may primary against max baucus and then go up against some nobody from the party of no in the fall rather than an incumbent like rehberg. I think john could win both races for baucus’s senate seat. i will even help his staff get a jump start on the primary race with this 30 second spot for the primary….

      photo and voice over of John engen super-imposed on 10 seconds of the video of the baucus hearings where doctors and nurses supporting single payer are being handcuffed and led out of the senate chambers
      with baucus laughing nervously and joking lamely with the poorly chosen words “we need more police.”

      first five seconds voice over:
      “Hi, my name’s john engen, and i believe in public participation….”
      next ten seconds….baucus laughing and saying “we need more police.”at hearing
      last 15 seconds…john voice over with doctors and nurses being led away…fading to a shot of john walking his dog….”i would invite you to vote for a candidate who will listen to you without police intervention. i am john engen and i would appreciate your vote.”

      • Baliwood

        I have to disagree with you on the east not going for a missoulian. The eastern folks might not like Mayor Engen’s progressive values but I don’t get the feeling that Missoula will be a bad factor for him.

        After all, didn’t Mike Mansfield and Lee Metcalf both come from the area? Metcalf was a lawyer too, and neither were farmers.

        I think you have a point about Mayor Engen’s progressive values being a negative statewide, but if that’s the only issue, maybe his likeability till make up for it? Who wouldn’t like Mayor Engen?

        Seems like the problem is that Engen represents urban Missoula and progressive Missoula, instead of the rural issues in Missoula county. If he was more of a rural candidate, maybe he could appeal to a wider base out east. You do have a good point problembear.

        • JC

          Both Metcalf and Mansfield were elected to Congress before the ’60’s hit. Many eastern Montanans have never looked on Missoula fondly since then.

  5. Pre-reagan eastern montana was quite progressive.

    Post-reagan, not so much, but bush/cheney’s debacle is turning things around slowly.

    The right candidate could unseat rehberg I am sure of that.

  6. petetalbot

    I noticed that Matt over at LiTW also posted on putting the pressure on Rehberg. Problem is, Matt and jhwygirl, Denny is as useless as tits on a boar. He won’t advance any sort of reasonable health care reform, no matter what, and will vote ‘no’ on any reform bills. He’s a waste of time — always has been.

    I think we have a chance with Baucus and Tester advancing and voting for some sort of reform. Anyway, that’s where I’m putting my energy.

    • I didn’t check with Matt before posting, and nor did he with me.

      I’m not saying you are wrong, Pete, but Rehberg has changed his mind before – namely, I can recall his 360 on CHIP.

      Similarly, he’s seemed to have changed his mind the the stimulus stuff too, being that he’s all running around making sure he’s got his big ol’ realtor face next to the check while he’s shaking the recipient’s hand.

      Must be a nice life for Denny. He and his staff incubated from the realities of his constituency all because what is now the pretty much majority view in the state doesn’t want to send him an email or make a phone call to educate him a bit on the falsehoods of his view.

      Meanwhile, you think Tester and Baucus aren’t hearing from Republicans? Obviously, I know where people will go with that one, but is the point getting across?

      No one gets a pass. Geez…the same protest you attended to take pics and make your post had a bunch of anti-health care reformers there too – but I see no mention of them.

      There may be a massive movement in favor of single-payer…and I applaud that. It keeps viable and real health care on the table. But Rehberg and his ilk are the enemy here….and they’re getting a pass.



      Am I thrilled? No…but I am excited about reform. It’s coming – what form and shape it will be is all dependent upon public participation.

      Letting Denny sit on his couch with the popcorn, watching everyone protest Baucus while he’s actually doing worse is probably some of the best entertainment he’s had in years.

      • petetalbot

        The thought never entered my mind that you and Matt were coordinating your posts.

        I agree that Denny should be held accountable. This might just be the ticket to seeing he doesn’t get re-elected. He certainly seems arrogant on health care reform and you’re right, he doesn’t deserve a pass. By all means, drop Rehberg an email or give him a call. Or better yet, ask him the tough questions if and when he comes to your town; maybe even march on his office. I’d be up for that.

        I still think my time will be better spent communicating with our two senators — they actually may do the right thing, where I’m pretty damn sure Denny will not.

        Finally, it was interesting to see the anti-reformers at the rally. I would like to know who organized them (their signs were all the same). But it was only about half-a-dozen, as opposed to the two hundred who showed up for reform.

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