by Pete Talbot

This picture says it all.  The online photo doesn’t do justice to the Missoulian’s print version, but you get the gist.  These guys put the word bitter in Bitterrooters.

It’s Teabagger II and it was held Monday in Missoula at the offices of Sens. Baucus and Tester.  It was attended by about 60 people from south of the Missoula-Ravalli County line. 

There’s an interesting mix of issues that’s making these folks cranky: bailout packages, stimulus spending, federal hate crime laws and health care reform — all of which lead to “authoritarian socialism.”

Now they don’t offer any solutions to our economic woes or failed health care system.  They imagine the economy will right itself — an undying belief in the free market that got us into this mess.

I’ll also bet that there are a few in that crowd on Medicare.  They just don’t want other folks to have public health care benefits.

And I don’t recall their anger when George W. was racking up huge deficits from the ill-fated Iraq War.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a Corvallisite: “As far as I know, Baucus has gone along with everything Obama wants.” That’s not entirely true but for the most part, Baucus has voted ‘yea’ on the Obama platform.  What’s he supposed to do?  Vote the Dick Cheney platform?  Max got something like an 80 percent margin in the last election.  I’m sure he believes he has a mandate.

Anyway, if Max and Jon won’t agree to go to Ravalli County and “answer our questions,” the teabaggers will start a recall petition. That should keep them busy for awhile.

  1. Lizard

    i read the article today and just shook my head in disbelief. without repeating yesterday’s little outburst, wtf?

    i would be willing to listen to these folks (considering i have my own serious reservations about obama’s financial wonks and the advice they’re giving him) if they did one simple thing: admit that bush was bad america.

    more importantly, if these folks were serious about answering the question how did we get here? they would have to admit the colossal failure of their “free market” ideology, which was really just a slick shell for greed is good deregulation/privatization schemes that’s directly responsible for wage stagnation, off-shoring jobs, a dangerously reckless financial sector, and failing health care system.

    some of the people on the right seem to think obama’s supporters want the govt to take over everything. the reality is, at this point, there is NO OTHER CHOICE.

    selective memory is too nice a term for these folks’ mental abilities. willful ignorance about recent history and the steps taken to get us here would be a more accurate description.

  2. Prozax-me

    Yep! Them teabaggers sure are loony tunes. They are angry, quite peeved. There is however, something in this picture that we democrats missed. Take another look at the picture and you will find they all have a spine. I’ll bet the men even have a set.

    Perhaps they could lend some of these attributes to our democratic leadership in congress.

    Ta Ta Neville, must leave now for some Moca Capachino.

  3. petetalbot

    Yo, Prozac-me. I went to a single-payer rally a couple of weeks ago held in front of Baucus’ office, so I’m all for taking your issues to the Senators. The difference was this: we actually brought a policy forward. I’m not sure what the teabaggers stand for except they’re against anything that Obama proposes. They certainly don’t offer any solutions.

    Oh, and I believe I saw some spines at the single-payer rally. What I didn’t see was a bunch of myopic, surly old farts with no sense of the crisis at hand.

    • Lizard

      that’s the rub, they can’t offer any solutions because the only viable answers left are ones that are diametrically opposed to their failed ideology.

      here’s an idea: dismantle the 700+ foreign bases, and rebuild the homeland. the biggest drain on our ability to take care of our own backyard is sticking our big, stupid imperial nose up everyone’s ass, and believe, the blowback is always a real shit storm.

      • Lizard

        i’m sure this spending isn’t what the teabaggers are talking about:

        Obama plans to spend $2.47 tril lion on the Pentagon for the years 2010 to 2013. If he makes it into a second term, he plans to spend an other $2.58 trillion for the years 2014 to 2017. Put together for the eight years, 2010 to 2017, Obama plans to spend $5.05 trillion.

        In his first four years, Reagan spent, in inflation-adjusted dollars, $2.1 trillion. In his second four years, he spent $2.11 trillion, for an eight-year total of $4.21 trillion.

        Obama will out-spend Reagan in his first four years by $369 billion.

        Over eight years, Obama will exceed Reagan by $840 billion.

        there should be MORE actual job-creating stimulus, and less propping up of a still insolvent banking cartel. there should be MORE investment in infrastructure, and LESS expenditures on maintaining a global empire.

        if not, then welcome to the USSA.

  4. goof houlihan

    Grumpy “old” “white” guys? Do you often engage in racial and ageist stereotyping?

    To put it mildly, your rhetoric is despicable. When you use this language, you grant a license for bigotry.

    It’s not admirable.

    • petetalbot

      I figured you’d e weighing in, goof. Yeah, those poor, oppressed old white guys from the Bitterroot. They’ve really been discriminated against in our society. Nice try.

    • klemz

      They are grumpy old white guys. It’s not stereotyping to make an observation. It would be stereotyping to say that all white guys are grumpy and old… or that all old guys are white… or that all old white guys are grumpy.

      All of these old white guys are indeed grumpy.

  5. Pogo Possum

    I understand your point Klemz, but in this case it appears Pete was intentionally trying to use to a stereotypical characterization based on age and race to dismiss these people’s political statements.

    The responses on this blog would be significantly different if someone came in and dismissed a group of “progressive” voter’s comments because they were:

    “typical welfare black people” or “just a bunch of silly old women”

    I have noticed a tendency on this blog for people who profess to be “progressive” to use sexist, ageist and racial insults against anyone holding an opinion deemed “non-progressive.” For example, the recent attack on Sarah Palin as McCain’s “bimbo VP”.

    Goof is right. “When you use this language, you grant a license for bigotry.”

    • Pogo Possum

      “Now they don’t offer any solutions to our economic woes. . . .”

      While I wasn’t at either rally, Pete, I believe they were offering one very key solution to our economic woes: Stop driving up the nation’s deficit spending and debt to fund nonessential pork projects that will drive our children and grandchildren into financial ruin.

      And don’t dismiss these people because of the Bush years. I recognize the faces of a number of people pictured and I guarantee you they were complaining about the Bush deficits when he was in office. Many of these people were extremely vocal about wasteful increased spending and the growing deficit by Republicans just like you were. The difference is that these Bitterrooters are still complaining and you are now defending far greater deficit spending under a Democratic President and Democratic controlled Congress

      I would think you would be out demonstrating with them Pete. Objecting to a stimulus package that will more than double spending and quadruple the deficit to fund an unlimited list of pet pork projects fits in with many comments I have read on this blog.

      • Lizard

        first, pogo, let me say i appreciate your civil response to my flying off the handle in that other thread.

        second, i would like to respond to this statement:

        While I wasn’t at either rally, Pete, I believe they were offering one very key solution to our economic woes: Stop driving up the nation’s deficit spending and debt to fund nonessential pork projects that will drive our children and grandchildren into financial ruin.

        while the stimulus spending is being screwed up with bipartisan pork, that pales to the trillions being issued by the fed to prop up banks, while toxic financial obligations are being shrewdly shifted to the public ledger.

        and obama’s inclusion of the fed in his half-assed regulatory tweaking is doomed to be manipulated by the same assholes who’s greed transcends either political party.

        that said, teabagging against “deficit spending” isn’t a solution. solutions will only come once we’ve identified the true problems, and there’s too much denial on both sides for that to happen right now.

  6. i travel through the right wing blogs quite a bit myself pp…there is no end of much worse behavior on those blogs.

    it always amuses me when the most mean-spirited contrived of you far righters don the disguise and act all genteel and show us your hurt feelings. i don’t see anything wrong with describing what i see as what i think…just like pete did.

    and that includes sarah palin, pp. now don’t go getting the vapors again. i’m all out of smelling salts…

    • I think that PP and Goof have a good point … to the degree that we focus on what they are as opposed to the hypocrisy that they display. Pete actually made that argument weakly in comments. They are old white men, claiming tax discrimination against their sex and age when there has been the historical opposite. Thwey are servants of white male privilege, and there is no reason to pretend that they profess any value other than that. They are fully formed and actual hypocrites. Focus on that, and Pogo pissant has no argument to level.

      • Pogo Possum


        You are a very bright well educated fellow, Wulfgar. Try to show a little more maturity in your comments.

        • Try to show a little more maturity in your comments.

          Why? Just to please your Victorian sensibilities? That’s hardly an incentive. If you act like a pissant, I will observe such. My education compels me to do so. Is that not mature?

  7. Pogo Possum

    Interesting. You don’t know me, know little about what I support or oppose, know nothing about any legislation I have helped write, know nothing about the local community non-profit organizations I help and you call me “mean-spirited” and a “far righter”???? You then turn around and brag about calling a vice presidential candidate a “bimbo”????

    That is just sad on your part. If you disagree with a person, then debate their issues, don’t resort to childish sexist language.

    If you have noticed, I more than once criticized Republicans for sexist or racist behavior in this forum.

    • >blockquote>If you have noticed, I more than once criticized Republicans for sexist or racist behavior in this forum.

      Apparently, few if any have noticed. So examples would be helpful. Just reaching for an accord …

      • Pogo Possum

        Here is a recent comment:

        “. . . Finally, what is with the continued misogynistic name calling (’…mcsame and his bimbo vp…’ ) on VP candidate Sarah Palin? I am amazed that this type of immature BS name calling occurs unchallenged on a “progressive” blog. Republicans (and a few Obama Democrats) were wrong when they did it to Hillary. Republicans were wrong when they did it to Dorthy Bradley. And Democrats were wrong when they did it to Judy Martz and Palin. . . ”

        How the heck do you search the archives on this forum? The search button doesn’t seem to ever work for me. I am going to have to call my 6 year old grand daughter to help me figure this out.

    • withdrew the mean-spirited portion of the comment above and inserted contrived. beg your pardon but your little lessons in ettiquette do strike a certain irish catholic working class rebellious mean streak in me….not sure it is trainable. i believe it is genetic.

      one of the reasons i am an avowed independent.

      i and many many millions of americans stand by the palin remark…..

      dan quayle was a lot dumber though, i must admit.

  8. Lucky

    If you are truly ticked off at “old white men, claiming tax discrimination” you now have a venue.
    The Green Coalition of Gay Loggers For Jesus has received a permit to hold a parade in Bozeman an hour before the Tea Party parade on July 4th. Unlike the teabaggers, the Coalition has vowed to reimburse the city for any expenses incurred for their parade. Be on Main Street in Bozeman at 9am on July 4th. See you there!

  9. petetalbot

    Hey guys, it was a simple observation — like looking out the window and saying, “it’s nasty weather out there.”

    I opened up the paper Tuesday morning and saw a picture of a bunch of elderly Caucasians who looked like they’d been sucking lemons all the way up Highway 93 on their way to Missoula.

    I also heard from a senate staffer that they were a surly bunch. Ergo, “Grumpy old white guys.”

    That’s it.

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