collapsing economy for the working poor gets worse…

by problembear

take a walk on the hard side…..

  1. Big Swede

    WalMart’s hiring.

  2. goof houlihan

    The dust bowl is everywhere.

    The cushy liberal bastions of university and gubmint are going to start cutting and furloughing soon. Benefits will be cut or go broke. Programs supporting white collar non profit jobs will disappear.

    I do have an idea of what is coming. And when America is broke, we will sell our assets, or they will be foreclosed upon, and the green wildernesses will be consumed. Those who ardently wish for the long emergency will find themselves sick and starving and dying with the rest of us consumers. There will be no rapture to save the faithful, of any stripe, neither monotheist nor pantheist.

    So, Lizard, did you want to double down?

    • Lizard

      what choice do i have goof? the window of opportunity to mitigate this extreme economic contraction is slowly closing as teabaggers and bluedogs snarl impotently at each other.

      double down? why not just walk away from the table? the cards are marked, the dealer is in on it, and we’re all suckers tossing in chips to benefit the criminals running the casino.

    • already hitting home here goof…couple dozen acquaintences who work for food service at the UM were severely cut back from 40 to 24 hours…seems that dennison can’t throw as many parties and cater to donors with the belt-tightening….

      this thing started a long time ago and it ain’t going away easy. next up i see lots of unsold over priced condos that aren’t moving….mortgage lenders are looking like dried up watering holes these days….builder loans that can’t be renewed etc. etc.

    • klemz

      Is it spelled gubmint or gummint? I suggest appointing a commission.

  3. goof houlihan

    I was speaking somewhat metaphorically with “double down”. You were trying to one up Big Swede, by being more pessimistic…not “one up” but “double debbie downer”.

    24 hours keeps the u workers in insurance I’d guess, problembear; it’s more than half time.

    And Lizard, we will hang in the game as long as we can. There’s no where to walk to when you walk a way. As the Okies found out. There is no Californ Eye A.

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