it’s worse than i thought possible…even for max!

by problembear

unbelievable!!!!!  excuse me……i am positively going to have to go outside now and throw some beer kegs and boulders and tree stumps around just so i don’t wreck the house….some other reactions accross the progressive blogs

UPDATE: meanwhile back at the ranch it’s business as usual for max and his lobbyist friends….while a nation waits and hopes for real change to unshackle the bonds of private insurers iron grip on our health decisions, some fly-casting and golfing is planned (along with some big money raising)

  1. I don’t get you – honestly. I like you, you’re smart and strong. But you don’t get it. Baucus is not with us. He’s not selling out. He’s a conservative, or more properly, a right winger. He’s a nominal Democrat, and that allows him leverage to lead other Democrats to support right wing policies.

    Triangulation. Look up Dick Morris and that word, and it will all become clear. Max is the enemy.

  2. i get it mark. now quit yer god-damned parrotting about yer god damned triangulation…it bores the crap out of me….i just don’t have any patience for your happy horseshit now… in a bad mood.

    i am an independent for a reason.

  3. Lizard

    health care reform as an isolated concern will fail. if you don’t tie health care reform to wall street’s recklessness and the imperial blackhole of “defense spending” nothing will change.

    by any progressive measure obama is a tremendous disappointment. he needs to be pressured, but i don’t know how that will happen as long as his supporters are busy fending off irrelevant needling from the right.

  4. Ochenski

    The real bummer when you follow those links Problembear put up is that now the people who are posting are blaming MONTANA for Max’s lamer than lame health care sell-out. They think we support it — only because they don’t know about the singlepayer rallies statewide, the flood of singlepayer feedback Max’s staffers got at their statewide listening sessions, and the heat Max continues to take in the press over his too-cozy connections to the insurance industry, HMOs and hospitals. But Mike Dennison’s article last weekend blew the lid off — Max has taken $1,500 a day, EVERY DAY, since 2003 from the insurance and health goons — money he didn’t even need to run against such daunting opponents as Bob Kelleher. It’s not Montanans driving Max these days, it’s the money, pure and simple — and like P-Bear, it’s getting really hard to watch this travesty unfold before our very eyes. Never underestimate the Democrats ability to pull defeat from the jaws of victory — and they’re about to do it again.

  5. Charles

    This pisses me off. Health Care reform is dead folks and that is the single most important reason I voted for Obama.This fiasco has ruined Max’s career. Obama will be bailing on him before the weekend is out. Does anybody here have Max’s ear? Does he not know this? and who the Frick is advising Baucus as it sure ain’t any Montanan’s.

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