More Rehberg bait-and-switch

by Pete Talbot

Rep. Rehberg lists funding for the Watson’s Children Shelter in Missoula as one of his accomplishments.  Problem is he voted against the appropriation.

Rehberg said “nay” on HB HR 2847, but the bill still passed.  The shelter should reap $500,000 to expand its much needed facilities.  Denny’s taking credit, though:

“The Watson’s Children Shelter fills a critical need in Western Montana, and I’m pleased I was able to secure this crucial funding to help make a real difference in the lives of Montana children.”

But then he voted against the shelter.  In Dennyland, no means yes, and yes means no.

  1. denny is well trained by the bushista wing. i hear he salivates at the sound of boehner’s voice….want a cookie boy….wanna go outside….atta boy denny.

  2. Jim Lang

    Will Lee Enterprises report on Denny’s lie?

    Of course not.

  3. No need now to send that check to the Watson’s Children Shelter. Their director hasn’t said a word about Denny’s lie, I guess because she knows there’s more money in his pocket than in ours. Boo! Hiss!

    • WHOA THERE MULE! just a minute now binky- don’t mix politics with charity….fran knows better as we should also.

      the abused kids of watsons need shelter and we support that no matter who contributes to it….

      any good executive director of any non profit knows better than to mix politics with business….the business of supporting those kids. there is always a need to send a check to watson’s, poverello and the food banks whenever you feel you can afford to.

      i will write a check out to fran tonight and i urge all the readers of 4 & 20 to support this worthy cause by writing a check out to watson’s childrens shelter in support of the effort to enlarge their capacity especially now when the economy has stressed so many families who are fragmented and dysfunctional.

      the kids should not suffer for our politics.

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