National Rally for Health Care Reform

by jhwygirl

Thought I’d post this – I know there are people who have been wondering if there would be a national rally in Washington D.C. It’s short notice, I know. First I heard (sorry). is calling for The Great American Sickout, a National Rally for Health Care For All Now for Thursday, June 25th.

Here is a flyer with information – here is an online registration form.

  1. Lizard

    from Rober Reich’s blog

    If you want to save universal health care, you must do several things, and soon:

    1. Go to the nation. You must build public support by forcefully making the case for universal health care everywhere around the country. The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that three out of four Americans want universal health care. But the vast majority don’t know what’s happening on the Hill, don’t know how much money the medical-industrial lobbies are spending to defeat it, and have no idea how much demagoguery they’re about to be exposed to. You must tell them. And don’t be reluctant to take on those vested interests directly. Name names. They’ve decided to fight you. You must fight them.

    2. Be LBJ. So far, Lyndon Johnson has been the only president to defeat American Medical Association and the rest of the medical-industrial complex. He got Medicare and Medicaid enacted despite their cries of “socialized medicine” because he knocked heads on the Hill. He told Congress exactly what he wanted, cajoled and threatened those who resisted, and counted noses every hour until he had the votes he needed. When you’re not on the road, you need to be twisting congressional arms and drawing a line in the sand. Be tough.

    3. Forget the Republicans. Forget bipartisanship. Universal health care can pass with 51 votes. You can get 51 votes if you give up on trying to persuade a handful of Republicans to cross over. Eight year ago George W. Bush passed his huge tax cut, mostly for the wealthy, by wrapping it in an all-or-nothing reconciliation measure and daring Democrats to vote against it. You should do the same with health care.

    4. Insist on a real public option. It’s the lynchpin of universal health care. Don’t accept Kent Conrad’s ersatz public option masquerading as a “healthcare cooperative.” Cooperatives won’t have the authority, scale, or leverage to negotiate low prices and keep private insurers honest.

    5. Demand that taxes be raised on the wealthy to ensure that all Americans get affordable health care. At the rate healthcare costs are rising, not even a real public option will hold down costs enough to make health care affordable to most American families in years to come. So you’ll need to tax the wealthy. Don’t back down on your original proposal to limit their deductions. And support a cap on how much employee-provided health care can be provided tax free. (Yes, you opposed this during your campaign. But you have no choice but to reverse yourself on this.) These are the only two big pots of money.

    6. Put everything else on hold. As important as they are, your other agenda items — financial reform, home mortgage mitigation, cap-and-trade legislation — pale in significance relative to universal health care. By pushing everything at once, you take the public’s mind off the biggest goal, diffuse your energies, blur your public message, and fuel the demagogues who say you’re trying to take over the private sector.

    You have to win this.

    and, i would add, if the prez doesn’t spend the political capital he earned overwhelmingly last november on this critical issue, then he won’t spend it on any of the rhetorical changes he campaigned on.

  2. Ray

    The video I keep seeing on tv makes me cringe! “Healthcare is our right, take it out of our taxes!” Just what makes you think you have a “right” to healthcare? You have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–the life part applies to not having government take it away from you, liberty is freedom to exercise your rights, and the pursuit of happiness is just that–the pursuit of said happiness. Doesn’t mean you’re going to catch it–some will, many won’t. Many people today are born from generations of people that are victims of gov’t entitlements. They think that gov’t is supposed to give them everything, therefore they no longer have the will or the incentive to strive for things on their own. Uncle Sam is their new “Master.” Living on the crumbs of gov’t entitlements is simply the new slavery. But this is a slavery that knows no boundaries of race, religion, or ethnicity. It will enslave all people. Everyone needs to remember that life is hard, and no one gets out alive.
    As far as taking it out of “our” taxes goes, the majority of people that want gov’t sponsored, “single-payer” healthcare are the very people who pay little or no taxes. And anyone who thinks that the gov’t can successfully administer a massive program like this is living in a fantasy world. Can you say Social Security, MediCare/MediCaid?
    Most of our problems concerning healtcare today stem from a variety of societal and economic factors brought out in the last 75 years. They are:
    Government sponsored entitlements (see above)–people are like children in that the more they are given the less they will try to get on their own and the more they will expect from gov’t.
    The loss of a national manufacturing base–we produce very little, yet we’re the biggest consumers on the planet. We’ve sent almost all of our manufacturing jobs to the East.
    Lack of parenting–unhealthy lifestyles are one of the results. Lack of exercise, poor eating habits, drug, alcohol & tobbaco use–all these unhealthy practices have risen and consequently, we have a rise in unhealthy people that need more healthcare.
    There is no single answer to this problem, but I do believe that most people are misguided by gov’t into thinking that national healthcare is the solution. They so believe that they have a right and are owed this by their gov’t. They couldn’t be more worng.
    The best plan put forth so far is a flexible healthcare pending account. Individuals could put money in this account to be used for paying premiums and co-payments. Funds could be direct-deposited and come from a variety of sources–tax refunds, self-payments employer contributions, etc. When the money is spent it goes directly to the service provider-no gov’t middlemen. In an interst bearing account, and whatever is left over carries over into the next year. It would work, and give some incentive to the participants to lead healthier lifestyles.

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