very interesting…..

by problembear

john adams posted something very interesting a few days ago.  of course, i suspected as much.

if it is what you want matt, i wish you well. you have worked hard to earn it. i differ with you on nuances of some matters regarding health reform and max baucus, but believe you could do the job well.

  1. klemz

    I feel somewhat in a unique position commenting on political types now that I’m no longer involved in politics directly. Hmmmm. Matt is a good dude, even if slightly strange. I’m interested to see how much effort he throws behind Tyler and the other party dark horses. The challenge is there, though — the industry lobbyists are more personable, no doubt. Yet, he’s solid. Not debonair, but solid. I didn’t expect this so soon, but he deserves it.

  2. Have you ever met Matt, problembear? Spoke to him? What do you suspect?

  3. Just a hunch matt could go far. Seems to work hard.

  4. petetalbot

    Klemz, I don’t think you’ll see Singer put any effort behind Tyler Gernant or other “dark horses.” Not if he wants the ED job. It’s strictly verbotten. The ED is basically an administrative position. It’s the state party chair who does the political work, i.e.: talking policy, promoting candidates (after the primary), attacking Republicans, etc.

    Of course, as of late, both positions take their cues from party higher ups (read Baucus/Schweitzer).

    • klemz

      I meant in a presumed future reality where the GOP has eviscerated McDonald for being a Golden State carbetbagger, allowing Gernant to win the primary.

      Did the whole Driscoll debacle happen because Driscoll wasn’t a realistic candidate, or because the Democratic leadership didn’t exactly get its way? Sometimes I wonder.

      • Driscoll got his way because the Democratic leadership decided to focus on the top state offices and leave that one to waste. McDonald was already ‘chosen’ for Denny’s seat – leadership had already decided that 2010 was the year, not 2008.

        Thing is, they didn’t leave the rest of us in on that decision.

  5. Matthew Koehler

    Klemz: It was because the Democratic leadership didn’t exactly get its way. Same thing happened to Steve Kelly a few years back.

    • ???

      Sorry, Matt. That’s an extraordinary accusation. Driscoll didn’t raise a dime. Didn’t campaign. Didn’t knock on a door. Didn’t talk to a voter. He just bunkered up in his home and sent out the occasional email asking people not to campaign on his behalf. Would Driscoll even have taken help from the party?

      Please. There’s only one person responsible for Driscoll’s loss last November, and that’s Driscoll.

      • I agree with this – save for the fact that a little behind the scene work could have made Hunt – a very well deserving candidate – a reality.

        I mean – Driscoll was even saying before the primary that he wasn’t going to campaign. At that point, the party should have stepped in and made sure Montanan’s had a real viable choice for U.S. Representative.

        Driscoll did email with me – so he talked to voters, though I don’t know how many.

        • klemz

          Stepped in and done what? Revoke his certification? Set him adrift in Max’s yacht, the HMS Prilosec? Or just find a video from the late seventies that makes him look gay — like Baucus did to Mike Taylor in 2002?

          I don’t like his politics either, but what is it about Rehberg that turns mild-mannered Democrats into a gang of Captain Ahabs every two years?

          McDonald’s not going to beat Denny anyway.

          • The party should have stepped in during the primary, once Driscoll had clearly stated that he didn’t intend to campaign or spend a dime or even travel from Helena.

            As you know, party and electeds are rare to inject themselves into endorsements until after a primary.

            Had coat tails gotten behind Hunt – and there was one notable “coat tail” that really had little need to even campaign for himself – we could of had Jim Hunt at the top of the ticket.

            A veteran, at attorney – a straight-talking fine common sense guy – would have had a nice fair run against Rehberg.

            Rehberg’s hypocrisy, klemz, it what gets me. He’s spoken out against open space and wilderness – he’s also gone out against public access. He does it in his own personal actions, too. Plus, he’s in the pocket of oil & gas, at the expense of the overwhelming opinion of a majority of Montanan’s, at least when it comes to the Rocky Mountain Front.

            That’s for me, at least….

      • Matthew Koehler

        Sorry Jay, but in my opinion the Montana Democratic Leadership is pretty weak and afraid of its own shadow. I stand by my statement (which really hardly qualifies as an “extraordinary accusation).

        Heck, didn’t McDonald even say during the last campaign that beating Rehberg was a four year strategy (or something like that)? Maybe that’s because he knew he was going to run in the near future! When you get a chance sometime, ask Steve Kelly what he thought of the Montana Democratic Party leadership during his run for Congress. Thanks.

        • i remember matt, how they treated steve was abominable….not exactly staunch allies those guys….

          sort of reminded me of one of my favorite lines from the preacher in blazing saddles when the sheriff is surrounded by the town full of bigots with cocked rifles and pistols….

          “son- you’re on your own.”

          • that being said, i think driscoll’s fail was his own doing. can’t blame leadership if the guy won’t get off his ass and work for it.

            like my logging grandfather said…you don’t half-cut a tree. you cut it or you don’t cut it.

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