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by jhwygirl

You should stop and turn on the television and watch ABC’s Primetime special “Questions for the President: On Healthcare”

by jhwygirl

Just in case you didn’t get this on Bob Jeffe’s listserve, Rocky Sehnert, former planner for both Missoula County Office of Planning & Grants and the Ravalli County Planning Department, wrote a letter. I’ll take out his email address because of the public nature of this blog, but here is the rest, in its entirety:

From: Rocky Sehnert
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 5:19 PM
To: Bob Jaffe
Subject: Go ahead–finish killing off downtown shopping- there is not much there that just regular folks want anyway.

Dear Bob,

When you choke off the arteries to some part of the body it will die from lack of flow of nutrients and oxygen. Choking off yet another access route for motor vehicles to downtown will pretty much finish off the viability of that part of the city for meaningful commerce especially from persons such as myself who live a short distance out of town and use our vehicles, at our expense, to do business in Missoula. Your ideas are short sighted and childish in regard to Missoula’s role as a regional trade center. What is needed is more parking if you want to save downtown. North Reserve shopping is clearly more attractive to most people in this area. Downtown is full of over priced boutiques and bars that cater to minors and bums. The panhandlers and vagrants are enough already to keep me and my wife from going downtown after hours.

Why don’t you try getting a real 40 hours job in Missoula, give up your trust fund, and see how regular people live. You might gain a whole new perspective on real life in Missoula instead of living in your fantasy bubble of bike, buses, and bullshit.

Rocky Sehnert

Lovely, huh?

From a guy who’s worked in the public sector.

Rocky’s been pretty outspoken about the zoning ordinance rewrite. Now – keeping in mind that virtually all of the working professionals that have to work with the current document support it because the current document is so horribly written – Rocky Sehnert doesn’t even think it needs to be done. Guess that explains why he didn’t stick around at OPG very long. I asked around down at the Ravalli County Planning Department too – I know a couple people down that way – and no one seemed to remember him either.

Of course – this is the guy, too, who is doing zoning presentations for the local Packyderms. While I usually just sum it up for you, going there so you don’t have to – here’s a link so you can read all about it yourself.

Before I cut out – I’m going to reprint a comment from the Missoulian’s Keila Spzaller’s blog Red Tape (which readers, I hope, have been reading):

Dear Mr. Sehnert:

It has come to our attention that you have found “overpriced boutiques” downtown that cater to “minors and bums.” We’re delighted at this development, as we’ve found it extremely difficult in the past to locate expensive merchandise marketed towards the underage and the destitute. If you could pass the names of said establishments to us, we’d be thrilled!

Your letter also mentions “real life,” which, apparently, we’re not privy to unless we own an automobile and live in the South Hills. By this logic, perhaps 10 percent of Missoulians ever attain this mythical “real life.” This makes us sad. Maybe someday, after our bosses give all of us raises we can experience “real life” too! But for now, we’ll stick to our buses and bikes until we own the automobile necessary to experience the thrill of shopping on reserve street.

Lastly, we understand that parking your automobile and shopping at box stores is clearly more desirable to you. And although we’ll miss your delightful, eloquent comments, we’re glad you’ve found tranquility at Wal Mart away from downtown. God Bless!


The Minors and the Bums


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