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(sure is nice to have a president who not only listens to folks who need help but to provide a site telling their stories) by the way….if you have a health care story to share with us please feel free to do so….



Austin, TX
Maggiereid2_medium I have a lifelong friend (pictured) who has Stage 4 uterine cancer with little hope of remission. We have been friends since we met in 7th grade band class — 50 years ago. The sad part of possibly losing her is that THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!! She lives on a small farm, in a small Texas town and supports herself by running a flower shop. The business barely meets her house note and feeds her and leaves no room for extras — like health insurance. She knew something was wrong but could not afford to go to the doctor. Finally, another friend found a doctor that agreed to examine her and she then found someone that agreed to operate. This took over two years to accomplish. In the end, she received over 90K in medical bills anyway but it was too late as the uterine cancer had already spread into her bones and lymph nodes. We finally got MD Anderson to agree to treat her. Radiation and two rounds of chemo has not stopped it and about all they can do for her now is pain management. The cancer has gone too far to be treatable. This is the United States of America and the year is 2009. This should never have been allowed to happen and the sad part is that this is not an isolated or unusual case. On another note, I DO have health insurance. It costs me a fortune and even then, when I go to the doctor I receive bills from people I never heard of and certainly never saw. I believe the medical profession is ripping us and the insurance companies off. Good medical care should not be a privilege of the wealthy. We need healthcare for ALL Americans, NOW.

people should hear this

by the way…if you have a health care story to share with us please do feel free to do so…

  1. Not to make little of the ladiy’s misfortune, but if the freakin’ VA system barely functions, how do you think a socialized medical program is going to do any better? Come to think of it, name one governmental bureaucracy that does a good job. Or better said, does a better job of taking care of me, than I do!

    What chafes my jaw is that everyone seems to think that they are somehow entitled to something, anything, everything. My cousin studied long and hard to become a Doctor, and paid through the nose for the privilege. What makes anyone think that they are entitled to his expertise?

    Drives me right up the wall…

    PeTA: Cruel to Children
    Where do Donations to the HSUS Go?.

    • You are very very wrong about the VA system. I suggest you research that point.

      Medicare? That’s an actuaries nightmare: Old and disabled? What market based model would do the same? Medicare would actually be solvent with an expansion.

      I’m betting you’d champion yourself as pro-life, too, huh?

      Assuming you have medical coverage, you are, right now subsidizing the un and under-insured directly out of your pocket. Your costs will continue to rise. I guess you are OK with that.

    • ignorance and fear usually go hand in hand…

      nothing aids a good cause like bad opposition. thanks al….we already have 7 out of 10 americans agreeing with health care reform… but every post like yours should get us to 75% in no time.

      appreciatively yours, PB

  2. Lizard

    What chafes my jaw is that everyone seems to think that they are somehow entitled to something, anything, everything.

    you are so right albert, i am so tired of these people thinking that every american taxpayer should be afforded, at the very least, basic health assurances. damn freeloaders!

    and damn those godless liberals who use numbers like black magic, like how over half the foreclosures were due to excessive medical bills, and how small businesses might be able to pay their employees more money if the burdensome weight of healthcare was lifted from their ledger.

    why can’t liberals see the dangerous socialist tendencies of our muslim president? i think maybe shooting people is the answer.

  3. Tamara Rollins

    Lizard, and others… not sure if people have seen this. This is an interview in which John Adams poses the most critical questions to Max Baucus in a very short interview. It is very revealing of Baucus’ attitude on the issue, and his inability to be accountable for the single payer exclusion and his beholden service to big pharma… see for yourselves:

    • thanks tamara- i downloaded the recording so i could hear it later. what i did hear troubles me very much. i wonder if obama realizes what a bumbling fool of a flake he has put in charge of the future of our health care …..really- listen to it and ask yourselves if this guy seems to be sure of anything he is saying.

      i am not sure max knows what day it is much less how to go about piecing this historic piece of legislation together…

      keeripes!!! if i were obama i think i would definitely take the wheel away from max and fly this baby in on remote. scary.

      if this weren’t so important for the country i think i would feel sorry for max. he sounds about 1/4 there…

  4. nirumi

    Good blog! I

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