Rep. Joel Boniek (Livingston) – “Obama is like Hitler, Mao, Stalin”

by jhwygirl

About a month ago, Rep. Joel Boniek (R-Livingston) brought Montana into nationwide attention when he attended a town hall-style meeting hosted by FoxNews on state’s rights. He was there – along with gun lobbyist and friend Gary Marbut, of the Montana Shooting Sports Association – to brag about HD228 which was signed into law by Governor Schweitzer after this last legislative session. The video is great insight into the mind of right-wing Republicans of Montana:

NOW Rep. Joel Boniek brings Montana into the national spotlight again with an interview with the LATimes where he compared Obama to some of the world’s best known fascists:

For his part, Boniek at one point equated Obama with Hitler, Mao and Stalin, saying each loved his country in his fashion but proved disastrous as a leader. “He’s ruining the country I love,” Boniek said of Obama, his soft tone belying the harsh comparison. “He doesn’t know what freedom is.”

Beyond wondering if Boniek even knows what a fascist is, given the last 8 years and his silence over those events, his willingness to use whatever he has to to get his right-wing agenda through is scary:

“It’s about states’ rights,” said state Rep. Joel Boniek, an independent-turned-Republican from nearby Livingston, who introduced the bill. “Guns are just the vehicle.”

I’m sure Rep. Boniek is civil and soft spoken and all, and as the LATimes notes, it belies the garbage that he spouts – but this is just the kind of garbage that breeds and feeds people like the Timothy McVeigh’s of the world.

Yep. I said it. Rep. Boniek is watering the sprouts of domestic terrorists.

With that kind of attention – the Wall Street Journal did a piece too – one has to wonder how many “sprouts” have been watered out there.

And what ever happened to patriotism? The patriotism these right-wingers spouted off about over and over when President George Bush Jr. was criticized for his war policies?

OH – gun lobbyist Gary Marbut got a piece of the LATimes action too –

“No federal employee in a black robe is going to roll back the power of the federal government,” said Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Assn., who wrote the bill. “But we want to make a statement, get the legal arguments on the record and get people active.”

Seems Marbut and Boniek are attached at the hip – first the legislative session, then FoxNews – and now and LATimes interview. How cozy.

I wonder if they mentioned the recent shooting in Helena.

  1. Big Swede

    I’m sure you guys would all agree with Bob at the NYTimes.

    For every action (threat) there’s a reaction.

  2. Lizard

    for someone like me, who is/has been/and will be critical of obama’s center right foreign policy/economic positions, these nut cases make it very difficult to get reasoned criticism through the clamor of HE’S A SOCIALIST GUN STEALING MUSLIM!

    people are playing their conditioned roles, regurgitating propaganda because it fits their warped perceptions and bigoted, ignorant fears, which is too bad, because if obama can’t be moved to the left, to close the wealth gap, fix health care, and repair our image of being an imperial bully abroad, then we are in for a very bumpy ride in the coming years.

    • Lizard

      in reply to myself, here’s an article from the guardian called Bagram, the New Guantanamo


      The BBC’s revelations about prisoner abuse at the US prison at Bagram airforce base in Afghanistan are the latest in a long line of revelations about abuse at US prisons around the world.

      President Obama told us that this sort of thing has stopped. Well, it hasn’t.

      Sadly, the Obama administration is up to the former administration’s familiar tricks, attempting to block the world from the truth. In April, a federal judge in Washington DC ordered that prisoners in Bagram should be allowed counsel, and the right to be heard in court; the Obama administration refused to comply, and appealed the judgment. People being beaten up in Bagram should, apparently, grin and bear it.

      The US is spending $50m on a new prison for Bagram, housing more than 1,000 people – to add to the 600 who are already there. Of these, many (including all those in the recent Washington case) were not originally captured in Afghanistan at all, but in other countries. The US then rendered them into Afghanistan.

      where is the outrage? it’s nowhere, because Obama gets a pass from what passes as “the left” in this country.

      if bush was doing some of the things obama has done since taking office, there would be vehement opposition. instead worthless groups like are telling me to care about a color revolution in Iran as predator drones are remote killing in Pakistan. cnn is lamenting the death of Neda while their are thousands of Neda’s dead in Iraq.

      and then there’s the right, so out-of-touch with reality it’s scary. ho-hum, another day, another disappointment.

  3. Ele from Montana

    In view of M. Jackson’s demise and the on going war between the fictional radical right wing nuts and the left wing commies this is my general observation.
    …does this video exemplify the wave of our future? Bread, circuses and prisons, before the final destination for the useful idiots? B.F. Skinner said that the worse thing about behavior modification is that slaves wouldn’t think that they were slaves and actually enjoy their enslavement, thus never to revolt. Note how in the end, they all gang up on the one person who is “different”.

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