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by problembear

George Hanson: You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with it.
Billy: Man, everybody got chicken, that’s what happened


just gotta quit this cold turkey or i won’t ever be able to quit….this blogging is a serious drug, man….it can be too satisfying and i’ve neglected my many writing projects for too long now…

this ride has been an easy one thanks to wonderful companions and the great commenters here at 4 & 20. J-girl – you rock! and i mean that. if you are searching for a replacement may i suggest jc? he has excellent real world publishing experience. also, i would love to hear what ellie hill  or lizard can bring to the mix…well, it’s time to saddle up this old bear hide and get on down the road. i will occasionally place excerpts of what i am working on at problembear’s weblog of course, but i won’t be commenting any more so goof can come back more often. he definitely always made  me think more than anyone else and competition is never a bad thing…it sharpens the  skills. 

thanks you guys and especially you for your kind invitation to join in, j-girl. i never met anyone in person here but enjoyed every minute of it- even the exhilarating and thrilling sword fights with wulfgar. good luck to all of you and keep up the good work. good luck and health and happiness to the bad guys too but…..

may the good guys always win…..

(sure hope i didn’t capitalize anything here…)

by problembear

Senator Jay Rockefeller from West Virginia, chair of the us commerce committee, seems to understand the real issue with health care:

“To me, there is nothing that ultimately makes more difference to Americans than health care.

“People often talk about 45 million uninsured Americans, but rarely mention the 25 million Americans who are underinsured.”

Rockefeller estimates at least 100 million Americans face major problems paying for health care today.

“We can’t count on insurance companies. They are just maximizing their profits. They are sticking it to consumers.

“I am all for letting insurance companies compete. But I want them to compete in a system that offers real health-care insurance. I call it a public plan,” Rockefeller said….

Government-backed programs are big enough to bring medical costs down, Rockefeller believes.

“Back in 1993, all our Veterans Administration hospitals got together and agreed to buy prescription drugs as a group. The next week, the costs of those drugs went down by 50 percent.

“Today, the insurance industry runs this whole deal, spending $1.4 million every day to fight health-insurance reform. The government has a lot of power to lower prices,” Rockefeller said….

“We have a moral choice. This is a classic case of the good guys versus the bad guys. I know it is not political for me to say that,” Rockefeller added.

“But do you want to be non-partisan and get nothing? Or do you want to be partisan and end up with a good health- care plan? That is the choice.”

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