Tyler Gernant’s Campaign Treasurer: Mike Mansfield

by jhwygirl

With nary an official announcement, I, too, noticed Mike Mansfield’s name at the bottom of one of my more recent emailings from Democratic congressional candidate Tyler Gernant – as did Missoulian reporter Chelsi Moy. She was perplexed – I was pleasantly surprised.

Having the nephew of Montana’s former Senator Mike Mansfield heading up the treasurer position for Gernant’s campaign certainly came as a good signal to me that not only was Gernant very serious about his search for our lone congressional seat, but that he was deserving of the support of a political insider like Mike Mansfield.

There’s much ado being made over Dennis McDonald’s declaration today that he supports single payer. Me? I’m skeptical of candidates taking strong and hard positions on something they’ll not have to vote for or for things of which they have no standing to take credit.

Not that Dennis isn’t a nice guy. I found him genuinely pleasant when I met him at the Democratic National Convention, when one of the things I took notice of was that his cowboy hat was the real thing, dirt and all – not like that show hat Rehberg wears, with so perfect a rim. It’s just that I view any and all show-boating during a primary with a significantly skeptical eye. Regardless of who it is from.

That cowboy hat thing might seem a little weird – but it’s the small things like the handshake and the eye contact, and yes, the cowboy hat, that can tell a whole lot about the person.

I’d much rather hear from both of these candidates regarding what changes they’d want to see to prevent the near collapse we’ve seen of our financial system. Or, regarding a position on health care, something specific as to how it can be paid for – rather than an elementary “I support single-payer.”

Frankly, with regards to McDonald’s recent declaration regarding single-payer, I DO have to ask: Where were you three months ago? Two months ago? Last month? That bus has kinda left the building, no? Single-payer? Call me crazy, but I can compare taking McDonald taking this position now to Rehberg running around taking credit for stimulus funding he didn’t vote for.

Of course, when am I ever not the cynic?

Gernant out raised McDonald last quarter, and this current quarter closes Tuesday. Think about stopping by his Act Blue page and dropping him a donation of a few bucks.


  1. Pronghorn

    Of COURSE Dennis McDonald’s hat is the real thing, dirt and all–if you look, you just might see the blood of Yellowstone’s wild bison on it, too.

    “I view Yellowstone as a large ranch,” said Dennis McDonald, immediate past-president of the Montana Cattlemen’s Association (MCA) and currently representing Region I (Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon) on the R-CALF board of directors.

    McDonald said he pushed the brucellosis resolution through R-CALF and takes pride in the fact that the MCA is putting pressure on federal agencies to eradicate brucellosis in both bison and elk in the Greater Yellowstone. McDonald acknowledged that such a task would be “more problematic” for elk, but insisted it is doable with bison.

    McDonald said large-scale test and slaughter programs, combined with vaccinations, is what is needed to protect regional cattlemen from economic penalties caused by losing their brucellosis-free status. He acknowledged that a large-scale test and slaughter program would mean the death of hundreds, perhaps thousands of animals.”
    From 12/15/06 at

    I would not vote for McDonald if he were the “Dem” running against Rehberg. I’m certainly not a single-issue voter, but his attitude toward YNP and its wildlife is taken right out of Rehberg’s playbook. I think you are right on about his single payer declaration–opportunistic. Thankfully, Gernant seems to be emerging as an opportunity for real change. Hopefully, enough of us are ready to make it happen.

  2. Tamara Rollins

    I like Gernant and McDonald for different reasons… But I must say, after McDonald came out in support of single payer I got a little scared.

    I’m a single payer believer. But…. and this is a big but… when it comes to the primary against rehberg, I really want a candidate who can run against him without getting cut down by negative ads and attacks. McDonald was already taking heat for representing mafia clients when he was a lawyer in california. They will surely continue their attacks on him after the primary on that. And now, after he backed single payer, the republicans will attack him for supporting “socialized health care.” that’s got me worried. More and more, it’s easy for the republicans to make McDonald look un-authentic. Throwing dirt on his hat before public events, making sure he’s got manure or mud on his boots before talking to the press… the republicans have been good at attacking that kind of showmanship.

    So it sounds strange, but despite my belief in a single payer option, I wish McDonald would have stayed quiet on the issue to be a more viable candidate after the primary.

    • Jerome

      Can somebody tell me how any of these congressional candidates are going to do anything to help us get single payer at the table?

      I’m a little insulted that these guys get out there and smile for the cameras on an issue that needs serious attention. Publicity stunts are a little insulting when we can’t even get a seat at the table as single payer advocates.

  3. petetalbot

    I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt. McDonald didn’t have to come out for single payer. He could have played it safe and followed the lead of other politicians, like Baucus, and offered some mealy-mouthed options that would keep the Republicans and the health care industry happy.

    McDonald’s views on bison and YNP are unacceptable but I give him credit for bucking status quo Dems on health care reform.

    And Tamara, I don’t think endorsing single payer will hurt McDonald in the general — assuming he makes it that far.

  4. Jim Lang

    I’m totally unimpressed by Tyler Gernant.

    I was really interested to hear that he was running, so I eagerly read his campaign announcement, in which he said: nothing.

    I learned nothing about what he stands for.

    Next was the big announcement that he was releasing position papers… on Kindle.

    Hey, I don’t know much more idea about what McDonald stands for, but at least he is not engaging in brain-dead moves like releasing statements on Kindle.

  5. Pamela

    Last night’s get-together thrown by the Missoula County Democrats was a relaxed gathering of local, city and state representatives and regular folk, too. There were incumbents and hopefuls, hamburgers and hotdogs, root beer and Trout Slayer.

    I felt a general support of Tyler and I believe he deserves it. I don’t question McDonald’s authenticity or his earnestness, but I don’t agree with his cattle-based ethics or his environmental nonchalance, always with a slant toward the rancher. Tyler has expressed respect and compassion toward his environment and ours. At the UM Democrat’s meeting this past spring for instance, when asked how he felt about bison “control”, he replied with facts about the issues and displayed his personal interest in the matter. Like most of you I recognize that he’s not going to make any difference in the current healthcare debates, but he’s going to be capable of participating when that time comes.

    I believe that as his campaign grows, we will be hearing meatier (sorry) issues from his camp, and I’m looking forward to it.

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