Palin carrying McCain’s love child

by Pete Talbot

Shocking news. Is it true? I’m not sure, but it came from a reliable source (my imagination). Here’s why I wrote that headline:

… Palin attorney Thomas Van Flein on Saturday warned legal action may be taken against bloggers and publications that reprint what he calls fraudulent claims. (From an Associated Press story; emphasis mine.)

So come and get me Mr. Van Flein. Let’s test some libel laws. I mean, Gov. Palin has been the butt of jokes since the summer of ’08, when it was announced she would be Sen. John McCain’s running mate. Think Leno, Letterman, SNL, YouTube …

So now she bails on the people of Alaska, because, as she says on her Facebook and Twitter entries, she has a “higher calling.” And what could be a higher calling than carrying the senator’s child to term?

By the way, there’s an extensive article on Palin in Vanity Fair that’s worth the read. (Tip o’ the hat to my buddy Andy in Anchorage. Whoops, I see jhwygirl already linked to it in the comments in her post below, courtesy klemz. Great minds … )

  1. Jim Lang

    I have it from what are in today’s climate considered reliable sources that the father is not McCain, but Batboy.

  2. Tobie

    You clearly have no respect for anyone…including yourself. Sad.

  3. Tamara Rollins

    Mr. Talbot, that simply cannot be true.

    I, Tamara Rollins, am carrying John McCain’s love child.

    I will name him… Maverick.

    If it is a girl… Mavericka.

    We did it in a gas station bathroom. High on meth in northern Arizona. It was amazing.

    My little Mavericka.

  4. petetalbot

    Congratulations, Tamara. Don’t let the folks like Tobie (above) get you down, though. I have great respect for your decision to keep little Mavericka.

  5. JC

    “Palin carrying McCain’s love child”

    How many more stage props does Sarah need to run for president in ’12? Sure gives a whole new meaning to “vetting” your VP choice, ya betcha. ;-)

    And higher calling? She was acting like she was high on something during her resignation speech.

  6. klemz

    The news editor of the Anchorage Daily News made me laugh on Fresh Air when he said Palin gave “two weeks notice like she was working at a department store.”

  7. klemz

    (That sentence contains a grammatical error — obviously NPR didn’t broadcast me laughing.)

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