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by jhwygirl

Just read it.

This one too.

by jhwygirl

I read or skim across a whole lot of bad stuff about Senator Baucus, daily. Today, though, was filled with an inordinate bombardment of media concerning our Senator, and I have to say, with regards to bad Baucus news, it really was unavoidable. From the front page of the Missoula Independent

Indy Baucus Cover

…to the front page of the Missoulian with Baucus’ deal appears to shed Obama initiatives for health reform…and also the Helena Independent Record and The Montana Standard and the Billings Gazette.


Then, today too, there is the same newspapers reporting the planned protest for his Big Sky party this weekend. Hell – you can even read about the planned protest and how cheated democrats feel when it comes to our senior Senator down in Wyoming.

In fact, here’s another piece, published in the Billings Gazette, Health care debate ignoring the needs of farmers, ranchers. The author? A farmer from Wisconsin.

Today. Too.

I hope our senior senator reads that piece.

There’s mounting criticism from his colleagues. That, today, too.

Yesterday he was warned “with the gavel,” meaning that procedural steps could be implemented to rid him of his Chair at the Senate Finance Committee.

Liberal Dems are rounding up votes against the Blue Dog plan, and Sen. Grassley (Baucus’ Republican counterpart on Senate Finance) is promising his colleagues that he “won’t sell them out.”

Boy, nothing is easy, is it Senator Baucus?

Thing is, our Senator is on a quest for “bipartisanship” (enter rainbow ponies and tangerine trees and marmalade skies). It has become increasingly crystal – I mean CRYSTAL – clear there is no true intent towards “bipartisanship” on health care reform.

Republicans have spoken openly about the intent to “slow down” the Obama administration by administering a crippling blow to heath care. They believe it more politically advantageous to have Obama lose health care reform – because, you know, it’s all about Obama losing, not the American people dying and going broke – than it is to participate, meaningfully, in the health industry reform negotiations.

I must say, I find this vexing to say the least. This state’s newspapers are blanketed, damned near daily, with criticism rolling out to Sen. Baucus for his failure to fully consider all options – but now he is gutting the basic core of reform that 76% of all Americans were expecting, and I am having trouble imagining how a publicly elected official can run so far a muck of what his colleagues; of his party of his President – of his constituents here in Montana – want with regards to some of the basic tenants of health reform.

He’s one man. I’ve mentioned that before. This all doesn’t come down to what he votes for – there are a whole bunch of other people (mostly white men) that get a hack at that vote. BUT. But Montana’s senior senator has headed up and clearly is still heading up – or stalling, which is the general consensus at this time – health insurance reform.

And here in Montana, we’ve got barely any choice here in terms of coverage. Everyone knows lack of competition drives costs up. Hell – some might say that Montana’s got NO COMPETITION, because what do you call it when one company has 75% of the market share here in Montana? Can there even be competition with a remaining share of 25%?

Does Sen. Baucus know we have no competition here in Montana? Does Sen. Tester? Do they know that 90 people die each year here in Montana because they lack health care? The list of statistics, specific to Montana aren’t lost on these guys – A recent letter from Sen. Tester acknowledged that 154,000 Montanans are without health care.

Instead of seeking that which isn’t possible..that so-called rainbow pony “bipartisanship” perhaps all those Blue Dogs – our own Senator Baucus included – should start doing the work of the people. That includes our senior Senator’s friends, Sens. Olympia Snow and Susan Collins and Arlen Specter


In the end, does anyone want to sit back and say “We got the best we could under bipartisanship,” or do people want to sit back and say “We got the best we could for the American people.”

Senator Baucus, What Say You?

by problembear

Price list:

1. minimum of 2500.00 gets you a handshake and a watered down drink and a burnt up burger.

2. 10,000.00 gets you a five minute sit down with the king himself…

3. 4,000,000.00 gets you any kind of health bill you want.

update: max just got suckerpunched by the republicants on his committee today after he announced yesterday that they were close to agreement on the health care bill…..what a maroon!

delay, divert & derail- that is the republicants game. and thanks to our idiot senator max baucus, it’s working…..i am so mad i could just….well, none of your business!

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