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by JC

Republican’s new strategy: convince people that the world really isn’t how it is, and let disinformation rule the media to distract the nation from its real problems.

The recent poll out of Research 2000 shows us how the concentration of “Birthers” in the south represents the republican’s last remaining stronghold. Fully 50% of the total population oof the south believe that Obama either wasn’t born in America, or they don’t know. The rest the country averages about 90% in favor of the common knowledge that Obama was born in Hawaii, with only about 5% unsure.

When you toss out all of the non-white people polled in the south, the Washington Independent’s Dan Weigel concludes that 75% of the white population in the south believe, or isn’t sure, that Obama is a natural born American. Wow.

Actually, I’m pretty impressed that the republican party has found a constituency and a theme around which to mount their comeback to political power. Retreat to the south, fill a bunch of people full of disinformation about a whole host of topics–like Obama’s citizenship, global warming, health care, the economy, etc.

No wonder that many independent-minded moderate republicans have joined hands with moderate democrats, leaving the republican rump full of crazy whackos who can’t think for themselves.

Unfortunately, people who are trying to craft policy in this country are confronted with having to deal with a media that loves the controversy this situation creates, reporting on disinformation like it was real news.

And our politicians are found compromising with people who believe the president isn’t an American, that Medicare isn’t a government program, that the planet isn’t warming, that allowing 9 banks to pay the 5,000 execs $1,000,000+ bonuses for a total of $33 billion is a good thing and will help the economy, and that the federal Cash for Clunkers program is really designed to let the government take over control of your PC.

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton,
Old times there are not forgotten,
Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land.

And for a little humor on the whole scene, head on over below the fold and watch Bill Maher’s take on the birthers last night!
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by jhwygirl

Well…came across a National Journal article that links to a Great Falls Tribune – John S. Adams news article on Sen. Baucus’ annual Big Sky retreat for health care sector lobbyists.

That’s no joke, people – Montana’s senior Senator actually hosts an annual fling-ding in Big Sky specifically for lobbyists from the health care sector. Pretty unreal.

Nice to see, though, national media taking notice of Montana’s fine journalists.

Bozeman Chronicle had an article recently on the big Hebgan Lake earthquake of 1959. All that geology stuff fascinates me and I’ve read a good bit on that event, but I don’t ever recall hearing that a kid survived the boulder-smashed-a-tent story. The 50-year anniversary is coming up: August 17th.

In last V&S I mentioned ex-health insurance executive Wendell Potter – well, this week the UK’s Guardian did an interview with him. Fascinating view of our fabulously wonderful American real world health care system.

Bozeman’s spending $10,000 to hire a Missoula investigator to look into the who what why when of the City’s requirement that job applicants had to provide their facebook/social networking site passwords…and email and banking information, too, apparently. That really is an incredible situation. How could someone even dream that up, yet alone implement it?

So I guess it’s all good – The Lawsuiters hire a Bozeman attorney and the City of Bozeman hires a Missoula investigator.


I want to remind everyone that August 10th is the deadline for submitting public comment to FWP about their plans to electrify numerous state park campgrounds. Comments should be directed to Lee Bastian by phone to 406-542-5517 or emailed to Today’s the first of the month – get it done and tell a friend.

Oh – how about this one: NY’s Attorney General is looking into 9 banks that needed and took the most bailout money, and still handed out minimum $1,000,000 bonuses to 5 THOUSAND employees. When you read how much these guys lost to earn that kind of bonus, it makes you kind of sick.

Reform anyone? Pretty Please??

OK. One more.

Ward 1 Councilman Dave Strohmaier has invited everyone to the Greenough bridge restoration fundraiser. It’s today, from 3 – 5 p.m. at the picnic shelter.

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