The Schweitzers had a Bad Sunday

by jhwygirl

As in the Governor and his brother, Walter.

Probably State Auditor Monica Lindeen, too, when you think about it.

I won’t editorialize too much, except to say that Governor Schweitzer caught his bad Sunday with this story and its accompaniment which tell what I’ve known – that Hagener was fired unceremoniously, and rather than throw daggers (Hagener by all accounts is a class act) he intended to move on. Hagener didn’t want to talk about it, and for someone in that situation, it’s very understandable.

That is until daggers were thrown in his reputation’s direction.

Walter – and State Auditor Monica Lindeen – caught the bad Sunday with this piece in the Great Falls Tribune.

In that story – it’ll fall to paid archives in a week or so – state employee Laura McGee claims she was fired in retaliation for bringing forward allegations of harassment by Deputy State Auditor Walter Schweitzer who was allegedly soliciting campaign funds.

The comments are quite interesting on that one, too. Don’t miss ’em…and a star for the day to whomever figures out which one is Larry Krajl first, OK?

She resigned a $45,000 a year job (in this economy!) but she was fired…but she got a letter of recommendation…aww, who the hell knows.

Only the Billings Gazette picked up on that story. Unusual, no? A story that involves the State Auditor and her Deputy, and only one other state paper picks it up? It’s not like it wasn’t on Associated Press.

Anyways – thought I’d provide the links and short run-down. Our searches here for 4&20 show that people are looking for the pieces – I thought I’d provide ’em.

Addendum: More I think about it, there are some further questions to this story as it stands with its unproven allegations: Is she getting unemployment? Did she file?

If she was dismissed, as she says, then she should file for unemployment…it she quit, she knows better. She’ll be denied unemployment without extenuating circumstances. OR – if she gets unemployment, with no challenge by the employer, that tells a story in and of itself. If the employer challenges it, there’s hearings and everything to determine the validity of her claim

Puts the state in a position. They gave her a recommendation…but said she was fired. If they flat-out leave a claim for unemployment unchallenged (effectively granting her unemployment payments), then there’s more questions. I mean – they’re on the record saying she was fired.

If she gets unemployment, that’s costing the state (i.e., taxpayers,) directly. Under unemployment, the check comes, 50%, from unemployment insurance, the other 50% directly from the employers. Unless that’s changed….

So it seems to me, a relevant question is: Is Ms. McGee collecting unemployment? Taxpayers should want to know.

  1. goof houlihan

    those comments are painful to READ with THE ranDOM SHOUTS in ALL CAPS.

    As to the substance, well, truth will out, won’t it? Eight years is a long time.

    • they’re like having some SCREAM randomly.

      I almost want to jump in and tell people it ain’t Walter….I mean, he’s got enough problems as it is, right?

      I lost faith long ago that truth wins out.

      Karma, on the other hand, always does. Might take time, but my bet’s always on karma taking it in the end.

  2. As I said over at ECW, I don;t think the article on McGee’s accusations against the Auditor’s office was very useful or gives much in the way of facts. There are way too many unanswered questions raised by the article and not enough substance. In the Article, McGee claims over and over that she was fired but not a single piece of information in the article confirms that she was actually fired. In fact, the email mentioned from Lindeen would seem to confirm that McGee did, in fact, resign and that Lindeen was simply waiting for the promised letter of resignation.

    We will see how this story unfolds but there are some things to consider here. It is a major no-no to use public office time, supplies or equipment to campaign and if Walt was doing that (even if he was doing it for Lindeen or McDonald), it is a violation of Montana Law and should be investigated. If Walt was engaging in behavior that was threatening or demeaning to McGree, there should be some kind of repercussions.

    I will withhold opinion on the events “reported” in the article until such time as we get facts instead of allegations. I am not a fan of the “First Brother” but I have a hard time with the idea that Lindeen would operate in any manner that wasn’t on the “up and up”. Having spoken to her face to face and in email. she does not seem to me as the type of person that would condone or allow the behavior that McGee ascribes to her.


  3. goof houlihan

    Lindeen is “launching an investigation”. I like that phrase. We used to launch monkeys into space. I see it as a similar exercise.

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