Wherein Rehberg Abandons the Free Market

by jhwygirl

Pogie’s got the story.

Ol’ Representative Rehberg – he’s against the stimulus, unless, of course, he’s out-and-about the state passing out checks.

Do I think it’s a raw deal handed down to the mine? Yep.

The point here is this: Rep. Dennis Rehberg is against government intervention in the market place. Think health care and health insurance reform, folks. But Rehberg’s all for government intervention when it comes to saving the Stillwater mine.

He didn’t want to save the auto industry and it’s millions of jobs (direct and indirect)…but let’s have the feds step in and save 1,300 jobs at the Stillwater mine.

Explain to me, someone, his logic?

As I see it, government intervention is good when he say it’s good and it’s politically advantageous.

And it’s bad when he say’s it’s bad and it’s politically advantageous.

It’s all about what sounds good, not what’s right. What’s the proper talking point? ‘Cause that’s where Denny’ll be.

At least he’s predictable. That’s our Rehberg.

  1. Bootney Farnsworth

    And he ain’t goin nowhere either. When our only alternatives are a wealthy lawyer turned fake rancher from san fransisco and a virgin who thinks that going to Georgetown and living four years of your adult life in Montana qualifies you to run for congress, what the hell are we supposed to do?

    • problembear

      get someone with real roots from eastern montana like carol juneau to run against denny….carol will kick his ass.

      • Ed

        Eastern Montana eh? Last time I checked Browning was by Glacier. Did it move?

        • Daemus

          Be nice Ed… Problembear comes to us from Indiana by way of New Hampshire. Can’t be expected to know east from west in a state this big.

        • problembear

          you’re right ed, how about real montana as opposed to unreal montana….
          i don’t feel like i am in real montana until i am pointing east after leaving trixies…

  2. Bootney Farnsworth

    You are a wise mammal problembear.

  3. Jim Lang

    ‘fake’ rancher?

    That’s nothing but a lie, right?

    Why come onto this blog and post smears that have absolutely no basis in fact? Especially when the readers of this blog are generally well-informed and will immediately recognize your falsehoods. It reveals something about your character, but is pretty ineffective as political rhetoric.

  4. Bootney Farnsworth

    Jim, it’s not a lie. Perhaps a matter of opinion.

    The truth is that the guy spent his whole career as an lawyer in international courts and in the S.F. District Court. Then, around the age of 50 or so, he takes his fortune, and buys a huge ranch in Montana. Like alot of celebrities who have done the same thing, Montanans like me consider this a “fake rancher,” or “play rancher,” or whatever other name you want to call it. It is not, though, a lie.

    He has the image of a rancher, just like his opponent Rehberg. They both own ranches, and unless you’re out there with the hands everyday, there’s no tellin whether he’s actually been the one roping, branding, injecting, and castrating the steers, or if that’s something he just pays hired hands for while he plays politics in Helena.

    This isn’t political rhetoric Jim, it’s my opinion. Most people–democrats–see that he is a fake rancher.

    • And Rehberg isn’t?

      Far as I know, all he’s really farming these days is subdivision lots.

      I know he tried to farm out a golf course too – but he had water problems – i.e., he didn’t have any.

      Slug all you want at Democratic candidates, Bootney – but looks like in this case, when you’re pointing a finger Dennis’ way, you got 4 more pointing right back at ya’.

    • Oh – same with “playing politics” – the point of this post was that Denny was playing politics with his position. He says one thing when it advantages him, but says the opposite when it does too.

      Denny only walks his walk when its convenient for him.

      Another case of 4 pointing back at you when you wag one the other way.

  5. ladybug

    A perfect contest. Headline: 2 fake ranchers go at it for Montana’s lone House seat. Rehberg is a real estate developer, or the not-so-bright son of same. His goats were once cared for by the Baucus-Seiben Ranch.

  6. Jim Lang

    When someone is called out in a lie, and then they simply repeat it – well, it just speaks for itself.

    • problembear

      define real rancher jim….and maybe we can get to the bottom of it.

      i define a real rancher as someone who has to hock his belt buckle he won in the 1979 calgary stampede to buy feed for his stock in december and uses a pickaxe to cut a hole in creek to keep them watered….

      now what kind of rancher is mr mcdonald?

      i’m guessing in february he doesn’t have newborn calves running around in his kitchen by the stove either….

  7. Jim Lang

    A real rancher is someone with a real working ranch, running livestock. Just like a real business owner is someone with a real business. It’s just the English language, and the common definition of words, not some special code that I’m using. And I’m certainly not going to engage in a dishonest debate with trolls who are not arguing in good faith.

  8. Jim Lang

    it’s not rocket science:

    Pronunciation: \ˈran-chər\
    Function: noun
    Date: 1836

    : one who owns or works on a ranch

  9. Jim Lang

    Of course, we also have in recent memory a perfect, almost iconic example of a politician who was a ‘fake rancher’.


  10. Ed

    Jim you seem to understand the English language quite well. You must have done very well in school.

    However the issue is what a “real rancher” means in Montana, not just in Webster’s. And yes it may seem like silly semantics but to those of us who are proud of where we come from and proud of our land, we don’t have a lot of respect for those who use there millions to move to Montana to BECOME a rancher. Sure McDonald may have cattle, may wear a cowboy hat and drive a truck… but to Montanans he will always be a California lawyer.

    You should understand this. That is if you are from Montana.

  11. goof houlihan

    His logic, same as mine; if we are gonna spend hundreds of billions to bail out crappy car companies, some of that should be spent honoring Montana contracts that employ montanans instead of south africans.

    Seems just too logical for liberals to follow, I guess.

    • But he’s been against bailing out those “crappy car companies” even though those “crappy car companies” – employ at least twice the number of Montanans that the Stillwater mine employs. Probably more than three times, when you really think about it (sales, techs, mechanics, truck drivers, etc.).

      Plus – those “crappy car companies” are a hell of a lot less likely to leave an environmental disaster behind once they’re done….as is likely to be the case with the Stillwater mine and IS the case with hundreds of mines before them.

      (Going back to referencing the DEQ audits, we’ve got insufficient bonds and understaffed state agencies to regulate these things, which has been fine with legislature after legislature since the beginnings of Montana’s delving into regulating – and I use that term lightly – mining and minerals extraction.)

      So – in other words, I’m still at a loss.

      In his mind, does two wrongs make a right? Because that seems to be what you are suggesting.

  12. goof houlihan

    It’s not wrong to mine. It’s not wrong to protect Montana jobs and industry. I just took the worlds shortest political test, and I failed to prove my conservative or libertarian, or even centrist pedigree…mostly because I am in favor of protecting industry and jobs in the United States.

    So, nope, I’m not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with keeping the miners working.

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