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by problembear

the “party of no” brats are out in force and they have good health insurance and they say it is theirs and you can’t have any…..

right wing health care reform obstructionists are stamping their feet and having a temper tantrum because americans are fed up with health insurance providers lying, cheating and stealing our money while they deny coverage for thousands of us. and they do it with impunity because they cannot be sued- for anything, thanks to congress. why? because the health insurers have bribed congress with their legions of lobbyists into doing their bidding and because it optimizes their profits to do so….

for far too long we have rewarded bad behavior in this country….when you reward bad behavior you perpetuate it.  it is time to train this two year old.

i don’t know about you, but i don’t want a bunch of bratty whiny spoiled two year olds running this country’s health system anymore. it is time to punish their bad behavior……

Obama’s health care overhaul has been dogged in recent weeks by what the administration has called a “disinformation campaign” waged through the Internet, chain e-mails and talk radio. Conservatives have charged that Obama’s health care proposal would promote euthanasia, encourage federal funding of abortions, end private insurance and force every American into a public insurance plan. The White House and Democratic congressional leaders dispute each charge.

sounds familiar doesn’t it?  thanks to obama’s visit and baucus’s position we in montana are apparently going to be ground zero for misinformation attacks promulgated by the very weakened far right. since they lack any real strength in numbers they will throw a temper tantrum to divert us from enacting some real change when it comes to health care in this country. don’t let them get away with it. we must confront their lies with the truth that our health care system is badly in need of fixing….but be aware that the party of no, the health insurers and the far right will stop at nothing to try and derail health care reform….no matter how fantastic the lie or how stupid the argument. they are going to try everything. our job is easy. all we have to do is tell the truth. our friends want to help people. their friends want to continue to make huge profits and don’t care how many people they cheat and steal from to do it.  their friends are the slime devils of the health insurance industry…..i like our chances. but steel yourselves. the first squadron of liars flew over today. there will be many more. truth and right is on our side so man those guns and shoot those spurious arguments down.

 “The opposition has manifested itself in a series of confrontational town halls in which proponents of the president’s health reform effort are shouted down and booed.”

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by JC

It was only a matter of time until PhRMA’s head, Billy Tauzin, had to stick his foot in his mouth and out the Administration and Baucus about the $80 billion drug deal. You know, the one about which Nancy Pelosi had this to say:

“The minute the drug companies settled for $80 billion, we knew it was $160 billion. Right? If they’re giving away $80 billion?” A few minutes later, she suggested that maybe those agreements weren’t inviolable. “The president made the agreements he made,” she said. “And maybe we’ll be limited by that. But maybe not!”

Remember Billy Tauzin? Onetime republican rep from Lousiana, and as recently as 2004 chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee now headed by Henry Waxman? The last House Committee to report out a healthcare bill last week? Yah, that Billy Tauzin. The Billy Tauzin who pushed the Medicare bill through Congress that diverted billions to pharmaceutical companies?

When the prescription drug bill finally passed shortly before dawn, in the longest roll call in the history of the House of Representatives, much of the credit went to former Congressman Billy Tauzin, R-La., who steered it through the house.

The Billy Tauzin that left Congress from his position of regulating pharmaceuticals to being their chief lobbyist? Yeah, that Billy Tauzin.

One only has to look to the White House statement released by Jim Messina (AKA “the Fixer”) to know that this is a big deal: “The president encouraged this approach.”

So Obama brought Tauzin in, roughed him up a bit, then offered him a deal, and “directed him to negotiate with Senator Max Baucus, the business-friendly Montana Democrat.” The business friendly Montana Democrat! How about that!! Max, the $750,000 recipient of donations from the pharmaceutical industry. Talk about a couple of foxes guarding the henhouse!

Well, now we know why healthcare reform, Max-style, is a done deal. A deal with the devil. The administration found themselves a nice paid-for shill already in the pocket of PhRMA to go and offer the industry a little bit of protection in order for some concessions. I think I’m starting to get the feel for what “politics, Chicago-style” is all about.

Will the American people stand for that? As Pelosi says: “Maybe… maybe not.”

Just a little back story for you all about the upcoming Obama/Baucus summit in Bozeman.

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